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Game of the Year 2018

This is going to be a hard list to nail down as I have really not played very many 2018 games as of yet. I am going to try and dive in to at least a couple before the month is over.

List items

  • I had never played ANY sort of VR, well except for those monstrosities in the early 90's. I got a PSVR bundle with this and Moss for Christmas this year. I started with PlayStation VR worlds and enjoyed it for what it was and thought the VR was really cool. However, once I popped in Astro Bot next I was BLOWN AWAY. I absolutely love this game and finally "get" what is so great about VR that I can't just get from a regular game. This makes me very excited for the future of VR games for sure.

  • It is not very often that I would even consider a racing game this high on my game of the year lists. I hadn't played a Horizon game since the original one on the 360 and the Fast and the Furious off shoot game. This game is not only gorgeous looking, but it plays so dang well. I had tons of fun just driving around the game collecting boards and roads driven.

  • Man, Dead Cells is just such a fun game to play. I love everything about the way this game controls, the fluid movement, ect. Every time I would get out of some kind of seemingly impossible situation it felt so satisfying. Most of the times I died in this game felt like it was because I messed up rather than the game being cheap, which is something I love in games. I still have not quite beaten the game yet, but I am close and am at the point where a run lasts me quite a while.

  • Of course, another VR game on the list this year. I was blown away by this game the moment it put me in the game world. This game feels a lot like Astro Bot in the way it plays, but maybe more slow and filled with puzzles. The way this game looks and the design of the characters is just SO good that it helps carry it. That is not to say the actual game play is not great because I also felt like it was great too.

  • This could be another example of the newness of VR blowing me away, but this game feels amazing. I have had a love for rhythm games such as Parappa, Bust A Groove, Frequency/Amplitude, Rock Band/Guitar Hero, ect. for a long time now. This game feels so fluid and natural to play and I love it so much. However this game was originally higher on the list until I got to campaign levels that require me to barely move my hands which was NOT very fun to say the least. I was also not too into the stage where I needed to hit a set amount of points, which I could not seem to do despite beating it multiple times without a miss. BUT just going in and playing stages is so much fun and I can't wait to get some DLC songs.

  • Technically I added this one after the new year, BUT it did come out in 2018 so here it is.

  • Another year, another Call of Duty. This year if the Blackout mode was not so good I don't think this would even be on the list. I still enjoy and play the competitive multiplayer, but without a campaign this year it really would have been a let down without Blackout. While I think I still like PUBG more for battle royale, Blackout is a quicker experience when I don't have the time that feels very fluid and smooth.

  • I have really still barely played this game which is probably why it is this far down the list. BUT what I have played so far has been quite excellent.

  • A free to play phone game is on my game of the year list? I wouldn't have thought so either until Pixel Puzzle Collection came along. This is just a Picross game, but it uses classic Konami franchises for the puzzles. Despite this game being free there are no annoying premium currencies or obnoxious timers. Rather there are "boss" puzzles that can only be played once every few hours, with no way to pay money to play them sooner and some very unobtrusive ads that only pop up on the main menu. I am at about 90% of the puzzles completed thus far, but be assured there are plenty of them to be played.