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Dynamite Cop Review 0

Wacky, Wild, and WeirdWith a tag-line like this, who wouldn't be interested?Those three words right there are what describe this game to me. I had absolutely NO idea what I was getting myself into when I pulled this game off the shelf and popped it into my Dreamcast. Right on the front cover this game had me curious with the tag line "It's tuna-slinging, hairspray-aiming killer commandos to the rescue".Normalcy is an illusionYes, this is an enemy in the gameSo the game starts off like a pretty n...

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Lego Rock Band DS Review. 0

Lego Rock Band for the Nintendo DS. This is most definitely a game that I did not think was one I really would have enjoyed. I played the first two Guitar Hero games for the DS with that guitar attachment that came with it. I did not really like those games because the attachment was just not made for those of us out there with large hands, and mine felt like they were going to cramp up. Luckily Lego Rock Band for the DS forgoes that attachment and is controlled by using only the actual buttons...

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