Top Ten Games of The Year 2014

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  • Most people would be put off by the main character's sexual tendencies and I understand why that would be the case. The Rance series has some seriously addictive gameplay and each game in the series takes on a different genre. Rance 9 is the first full 3d game (the 3D is fucking terrible) and it's a tactics game. There's a choice to turn on perma death but due to some cheap shots enemies can take without any warning , I'd recommend leaving it off. Rance gets a spot on my list for the hundred hours I spent on it. I hope it gets translated (it won't)

  • Fuck Destiny. Fuck Bungie. Fuck the raid. Fuck Dinglebot. Why can't I stop playing it?

  • This game is a technical mess and its final boss is sadism incarnate. The story and characters (if you play it in japanese) make it worth it.

  • The last four chapters are padding of the worst kind. But I'm incredibly grateful to them. I played Bravely Default while I was stuck in the hospital after a car accident. It helped push the fear and pain of the chance of never being able to walk again out of my mind.

  • This game justified a Wii-U purchase, it also caused me to break my gamepad (that fucking Rodin fight).

  • Fighting Nazis on the Moon is awesome.

  • While the main story is nothing to write home about. How the Persona 4 and 3 teams play off each other makes going through it a treat.

  • The characters look beautiful. The music is great as always. The story mode should be the basis of all Arcsys fighting games from now on.

  • While not a 2014 game, I finally got the chance to play it. It's Nier, people should play Nier. Fuck Metal Gear Scanlon, there should be DaNier. PLAY NIER

  • Game of the Year, every year. The translation patch may come out in 2015.