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  • BoFooQ posted a message in the forum topic Borderlands 3 and Greedfall Quick Looks?. on the General Discussion board

    I have been having good time with the game so far. The humor isn't great sure but I don't find it too stupid or offensive. I think the story itself is great, they are really going quickly through e...

  • BoFooQ posted a message on the post Borderlands 3.

    Just don't open most crates. I don't get the complaint? This is likely on of the first levels in the game and they're shocked that every gun isn't better than the last. Most of the stuff you pick up i...

  • BoFooQ posted a message in the forum topic Do you think Google Stadia will be the next Google Glass?. on the Google Stadia board

    I'm strongly thinking of pre-ordering, cause it seems like an ok deal. Not cause I have great faith in system long term. For $140 I get controller and chromcast thingie. These are 2 actual things ...