my last console

I was thinking about it the other day and came to the conclusion that this may be the last console I ever buy, probably a PS4. I am all ready in my 30's and don't spend as much time as I have in the past playing games. I really enjoy playing still but when it comes to skyrim or something that is a 100 hour sink, I just can't ever finish them anymore. I never finished skyrim, played half of sleeping dogs, maybe 10 hours of XCOM, and the first 1/4 of tomb raider. I just have a hard time to find time to play all the time. So I'll start something, but than I will not play for a few weeks and lose my place or just move on to something else.

Luckily for me I have had a lot of work lately so I have extra moeny to buy a new system in a few months but I can't picture myself ever buying another. I love playing games of all kinds and I will not ever stop playing video games, its just that I can see myself playing only on computers and mostly smaller games. There is nothing better than playing through uncharted or creating a killer ina world as huge as skyrim, but its easier to just play a few hours of hotline miami and move on.

The reason I'm leaning towards the ps4 is cause I already have a ps3 and a plus account and I like the free games. I still have dark souls which seems like like something I will really like but have not had the time to even start. I will have the ps4 in one room and the ps3 in the other which means I will be able to watch blurays and netflixs in either room and with free games and 500GB harddrive in ps3 I will be able to switch on and play a random game quickly and easily so maybe it will actually allow me more game time.

My first NES was bought by my brothers and I pooling our money together. I have 3 older brothers which meant aside from having the smallest portion it was still easy to get the money. Slowly my older brothers stop pitching in one at a time after the superNES, Genensis, tubro graphics 16, and ps1. The ps2 or Xbox first, was the first console I bought all on my own. As I was thinking of this and if I should preorder a console I was getting alittle sad for growing up.

Since this is most likely going to be my last console I'm now thinking I go day one midnight release and join the crazies half my age. Never again am I going to have a chance to take part in the day one launch fun, and I never have in past. I was usually slow to change waiting till console had a price drop or till there were lots of games I wanted. This time for the last time I'm all in. Give my the date and I'll find somewhere to line up at midnight. I'm as excited as I've been for a game in a while.

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sitting here looking up and down site for quest goals watching the masters for some reason.  golf is fun to play but no so much to watch on tv.  atleast gb is fun!


just sitting here watching the cubs game, looking for random things on gb.  some of these quests though seem harder than they should be, or I really don't know as much as I thought I did.