The Goal

I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise for as long as I can remember. Honestly, the fascination with the franchise in my younger years was poorly founded. I was wrapped up in the series' reputation more than anything. I had limited play time with a few of the games, yet I thought the games were just soooo cool. The first game I really put time into was Final Fantasy X. I bought it the month it came out, and played it to about 3/4 completion before I decided I hated it. By the time I finished middle school, I had played all of the games from VI on to about the halfway point. Around 10 hours in, I got bored, and just stopped playing.

My junior year of High School, a friend and I were talking about the series. He brought up the ending of one of the games, and I stopped him. I didn't want it spoiled, I hadn't finished the game! He apologized, and asked me which games I had finished. I was embarrassed to answer that I'd completed none of them. It was then that I set a goal: beat every game in the series.

At the time, I had just purchased FFIV for the GBA, and had just stopped playing FFXII about halfway through, as usual. I began with FFIV, and played it through, finally beating it on my 17th birthday. Next, I finished XII. I decided the experience would be best if I started fresh in the other games. I bought a copy of FFVI on the GBA, and played it to completion (prior to that, I had played the game to the World of Ruin twice). Next up, FFIX, then VII, followed by V. Finally, I played VIII, which ended my marathon. I got about as far as I had before, to the point where the story goes bonkers with all that orphanage crap. Stupid game killed my drive.

I did eventually finish VIII, a game which I both love and hate. Unfortunately, I never finished my goal. I've decided that it is time. I'm going to work backwards, playing through every entry in the series that I haven't finished. I'll begin with XIII, move on to X (Which I said I would never play again when I set the goal so many years ago), then III, II (the only FF game I've never played), and finally, the original. I'm not counting XI and XIV because F#%! those games.

So, wish me luck. It will be tough. I played the first hour of X just to do it, and boy do I hate Tidus. He's going to make that game torture. I'm going to buy Dawn of Souls on the GBA as a part of this, because I don't own the first or second games. I own III on DS.