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BoG: Favorites

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  • MGS3 had an amazing story, like no game has ever told before. The survival gameplay was unique, and I loved eating different things. There was a great variety of gameplay, from cycle chases to Ico style escorts, and action and stealth mixed. The character's are among the series best, from the completely insane Volgin, to the Boss, who is one of my all time favorite characters. Once you experience that final showdown with the Boss, you'll never be the same again.

  • I just had a blast with MGS2. I loved the gameplay, and the boss fights were excellent.

  • Remember that part when you're in the bridge and there is that helicopter? Or that helicopter chases you through the sewers?Then there was the part where you are in the city, fighting the striders with the people... and then when you get inside the citadel and have that really coolgravity gun that rips things off the walls.... Half Life 2 was epic from start to finish, and I loved it.

  • My childhood was eaten away by this game. So many hours spent hunting for dracula, and I loved every minute.

  • I'll never forget Final Fantasy IX. The characters are wonderful, the gameplay is great, and the story is interesting. FFIX is one of those games that stood out to me for staying fresh for 40 hours. I loved FFIX, and you should too.

  • One half of the game is a wonderful story-driven adventure, and the other half is a great free-roaming advnture. FFVI had the greatest characters, events, and everything. They took some risks here, and they payed off. Loved it.

  • I don't believe that the writing in this game has been surpassed. The tale in ED is amazing, spanning a millenia, and is unlike any story I've ever experienced. ED has some great puzzles as well, and really, I just couldn't put it down. Amazing game.

  • I never thought that a text heavy game could keep me on the edge of my seat. The game balances all aspects of itself extremely well, gives you tons of options, and has an interesting story. The imagery in Snatcher will get your blood pumping.

  • The best Mario game to date. The gameplay is original, even today, with the creative mechanics. No other game does things like Yoshi's Island. The level design is unparalleled, the art is breathtaking, and overall, the game is a blast.

  • 2nd all-time favorite. Shadow of the Colossus hanged my perspective on what a game could be, and I loved every moment of it. I told my self as the game went on that it couldn't possibly get any better. By Colossus 13, I was positive the final few colossi would disappoint, however, it only got better, and had one of the best endings I have ever experienced.

  • All-time favorite game. I can remember the many days I spent l playing, and will never forget when Mantis told me I liked Castlevania. So many memories, this game is revolutionary.

  • I couldn't put this one down. Faris must master the Mystic Knight job! Lenna will master all the magic jobs....

    Hours later, I'm still playing, and loving it.

  • 3rd all-time favorite. Gorgeous visuals, excellent gameplay, and an engaging quest. Metroid Prime had a wonderful and varied atmosphere, tons of action and puzzles, and excellent boss fights. So many times throughout the game, my heart was going a mile a minute. I loved exploring every nook and cranny, and figuring out all of the games puzzles.

  • <3

  • I love Cave Story. It makes me feel like a child again. One of the greatest games ever made.