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A great game that needed bit more time to cook 0

    Peter Molyneux is famous for games with moral choice, and almost never delivering on all of his promises. With Fable II, Molyneux hoped to finally deliver on all of his ambitious promises, and in fact, he and his team at Lionhead really have.    Fable II tells your story as you see fit in many ways. While the main storyline doesn't change much, how events go about, how the world changes, and your own character's personality are all in your hands. The game begins in yor childhood, where you l...

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Whoa! 0

    Time Hollow tells the story of Ethan Kairos, and some quite exciting events that occur in his life. The tale begins on the eve of Ethan's birthday, in his humble home. Ethan lives with his stubborn cat Sox, and his two wonderful parents. It seems they live a near ideal life. On this particular night, Ethan's uncle shows up, and causes some unrest in the Kairos home, and leaves declaring that his brother (Ethan's father) "Will be sorry." The  day comes to a close with his parents mysteriously...

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Thanks for (bringing back) the memories 5

      I won't lie to you, I am a Metal Gear Solid fanboy. The original is my all-time favorite game, I could go on for months about how much I love everything about Snake Eater, and I still play Sons of Liberty to collect dog tags. I hold the series above any other video gaming saga to date.       As Guns of the Patriots approached, I knew that I would need this game. I saved my pennies for a Playstation 3 and a copy of my game. Finally, the day came, and I went to pick up the final entry in the...

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