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Surprisingly enjoyable, but short romp. 0

Hydrophobia ProphecyHydrophobia first launched on Xbox Live Arcade to incredibly mixed reviews. Not to be deterred developers Dark Energy Digital went to work on fixing everything that players and reviewers disliked, which led to a title update fixing a whole bunch of issues with the game, but was this enough? Not quite, most agreed the game was still decidedly average.I’ll start by saying I never played Hydrophobia on XBLA. I was tempted but the general reaction I was reading around the time of...

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That is one hard man. 0

I'm quite a big fan of the stuff Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami have created. Resident Evil 4 is without a doubt one of the greatest games ever created and Killer 7 in particular is one of my personal favourites, I'd love to see a re-release of that on PS3 with Move support. So I was looking forward to playing Shadows of the Damned, and yeah, it's typical Suda 51 for sure.You play as Garcia 'fucking' Hotspur, a demon hunter on a quest into the underworld to rescue your girlfriend, Paula. So far so me...

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A Fantastic Introduction To The Genre 0

I’m not normally one for side-scrolling shooters. I love the idea of them, the journey and the spectacle of it all, the bullets filling the screen, the lovingly crafted backdrops and all that you know? I’m just not very good at them, especially the so-called bullet hell sub genre. So why the hell did I buy Jamestown you ask? The music and the bloody lovely art style of course. Thankfully I’m not completely terrible at it and I’ve seen (nearly) all the game has to offer, albeit on the lower diffi...

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