Singleplayer, a one human affair.

I tend to look to video games ahead of all else. Ahead of Movies, and TV. I don't find much to enjoy on TV, and my movies taste is well, a little limited. I tend to only like Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Video games give me my entertainment, my world to escape to.

When I dive into a single player story, I hate people being around me. I do not enjoy people talking during it at all. I just want to zone out and get lost in the game. My wife thinks its rude, and I really don't mean to make it seem that way. Its just my preferred way to play. I also do not like seeing to much of a game. I find that if I watch someone play it to much, I become over saturated and no longer wish to play it. Anyone else this way?

I don't mind talking about the game, but I always like to save it until after I am done. I will sit down and talk about it, show certin aspects of it, and generally answer any questions my friends/family may have.


No more parents left in the world?

It seems today we live in a wold full of out of touch polatitions. As we face seemingly more murders, and mass shootings the Majority of our ilustrious "Leaders" Reach out in a blind fit of rage. Blaming the problem on objects, objects! Video games come under fire most often. Becouse of the extreme viloance portrayed in some of them. We as a socitey fail to put blame where blame should be placed. Parents, its almost like a dirty word when it comes to stuff like this. No one every blames the parents.

You see, I was raised on video games. Some of my first memories are of holding a NES controller as I looked out of my Teenage mutant ninja turtles tent, and watched as Mario took it to the bad guys at my command. I have owned a system or two of every generation since then. I also owned one of the biggest bad guys of them all, around age 5-6, I owned Mortal Kombat. Yes folks Mortal Kombat, a thing responsable for as many mass murders as Jesus himself. It was not enough to own it, and beat my oponents senseless at it. No, no, at school I learned something to make it even better. "A,B,A,C,A,B,B" The blood code. Now we are talking, with every successful hit copious ammounts of pixelated blood come out of my opponent. Did I ever want to see the same affect on real people? No of course not, I knew better. I was taught better, raised beter. To do it in a game, is entirly different than inflicting such pain on a real person.

Yes, I love Violant video games. Always have, even at a young age. Oh but it gets better! I owned evern more, mass murder causing plastic disks of death. Games like Grand Theft Auto. Where yes, you heard it hear first. I did indeed kill the hooker for more "Points". I also killed a few cops, ran over some innocent pedestrians and had a blast while doing it all. I have cut creatures in half with Chain saws, and shot at random strangers online in the dreaded and terrible Call of Duty franchise. Still, after all this "Mind altering" video game violance, I never wanted to inflict this sort of violance on my fellow human beings. I was picked on for being over weight as a child, for having a massive over bite. Never once did I look at my assaliants and her the voice of shang tusung telling me to "FINISH HIM".

It would seem I have experianced a lot of the "damaging" violence in video games, and from a young age. Oh, and here is the kicker I have left out. I come from a broken home, a home of violance, a home of substance abuse. A home that once held host to a now convicted killer. I also suffer from sever anxiety, so bad that I can not hold a job. I also have long hair and listen to rock music, yet another cause of mass murder. Oh, but wait. I am not a genocidale maniac. I have never once thought of shooting up a public place, or a school. I seem to defy the logic of almost every republican, democrate, and uninformed media type out there. I have news for you people, I am not alone. There are thousands of gamers from a back ground similar to mine. We don't see them going on a shooting spree now do we?

You may be asking your self, well how did this happen? You see, despite coming from a broken home and having all the aformentioned problems, I was fucking parented. I was tought right from wrong, spanked for my misbehavior. I wasnt spoiled with every thing I wanted. How about that? I was disoplened and attended to, and I can handle violance with out wanting to do it myself. To often in todays world of Columbines, Auroas and most recently Sandy hook, do we look instantly to blame anything we don't agree with. Why has it never occured to anyone to hold the parents accountable? Having guns in a home with a child known to be mentally unstable is just pure irresponsable.

So I say to you washington, get your heads out of your asses. Look to where the real problem lies. With the parents. We live in a world where careers and money, are held at a higher value than having a full time parent. These games are gotten for children, who are in turn left at home with there thoughts, left to determine if what they see in the game, is ok to do in real life. Mental issues left unchecked, denial on rediculas levels " No not my child, my child does not have anything wrong with them" is leading to most of this.

This thought of "There is nothing wrong" Is also leaving kids with all of this confustion, and fustration, and general disalusion to what is right and wrong home with daddys AR15. So the next time, Johnny Q Homicidle shoots up a school, or a mall, or what ever it may be. Investigate the parents. Chances are, they didn't do their jobs, and its with them the responsability for all the death lays.


Is it imprinted in us?

With the more modern FPS games, comes a trend of regenerating health. Now don't get me wrong I love this system, but remember the old days when we had health packs every where to pick up? The reason behind this blog is to ask one simple question. The other day I was playing Wolfienstien 3D on my PS3, and I caught myself getting excited and gunning for health packs even at full health, is it just so imprinted in a gamers mind, that we HAVE to have that pack. So we even try to pick it up at full health? Does anyone else do this lol.


The great Halo debate, my take on it. Dun dun DUH

Ah Halo, the love and hatred some people have for this franchise is insane. This is not a "Flame" I actually enjoy the game a lot, it's not the best, and it's not the worse. My take on it is, it's probably one of the best console shooters ever, hell maybe semi revolutionary. What it did for console shooters was amazing. I'm still a semi jaded PC gamer, but I can accept the fact that Halo is good, and the impact it has had. Of course I still think a number of games are better, the half life series ect, but I think people just need to set back..have a cold one and chill about the halo stuff, it's a grand game in it's own right there is no reason one can not enjoy it, and PC shooters imho. Of course I am a bit crazzy.