SSC 22 - Emotional Jumping Puzzles

Okay, Let's start this SSC by being social. Somebody needs to explain to me why 'Final Fantasy: All the Bravest' is the most godawful thing Square-Enix has ever done. I'm serious, because I'm really curious to play the game for myself, another game for my iPhone? Now I have something that I can waste my time in, while I wait for a floor to restock in Tiny Tower.

Is it because it's like a majority of other games out there that do nothing but mine your stupidity? Is it because it's a Final Fantasy game that doesn't have a deep enough story that doesn't involve the decaying of crystals, or a strangely effeminate Bad-guy? I've also heard a lot of talk about this game signalling the slow death of the Franchise, but we all know that happened a long time ago.

What's your take? Anybody have it? Anybody actually enjoy it for the thing that it is, and not the thing that everybody apparently wants it to be? How about a Square-Enix game that we can all get behind... like FORTUNE STREET SMART.

I'm actually going to admit that I have nothing to talk about, because I keep the bulk of my conversation for a podcast. So I never think it's a good idea to mention anything until after the cast is recorded and posted. I guess it's a strange kind of of writer's block, which isn't so much of a block as it is a holding back.

So in any case, a lot more of my video game related momentum is now going towards that, and I'm trying to think of ways to make it a lot more interesting. For those of you that did not appreciate all the audio hookups, (that includes me as well.) We fixed that major issue, and we are now ready to present an easier listening experience.

It's also great to get back into it and practice hosting. As mentioned two casts ago, I'm working on a show here in happy little Vancouver and it requires hosting ability. Wanting to be the one to pick up the mantle and host away, so practicing is going to make me perfect. One can only hope. Working on the show is a learning experience itself, because I only went to school for the acting part and know next to nothing about the rest of it. Thankfully my 3 or so years in the industry has granted me the chance to work with a competent crew. I can only hope that we can make something good for television that doesn't involve the personal shitty lives of terribly stupid people.

SO GAMES. *cough-cough. All I can really talk about is DmC right now, and I've been piddling around my head trying to express the proper words that I feel about it. Because I am a fan of the series and I just don't like Ninja Theory games. Can't get into them, never could. Thankfully, DmC plays exactly how you've come to expect it to for YEARS, so I'm pretty conflicted by the outcome in-front of me. I wouldn't say that it's the best Devil May Cry ever, nor is it a 'refreshing reboot that the series desperately needed.' It really feels more like it's the same fucking game that it's always been, save for streamlining some gameplay that feels a little more confusing at times, and a hell of a lot more Jumping puzzles than you'd expect or want. So from my perspective it strangely looks like people are acting as if these elements were JUST invented! For this game!

Look, the game is OK. But I can't agree with the characters that Ninja Theory crafted, and written.

I'm so conflicted, but I have more to talk about when we get to the TL;DL podcast later today.

So to recap:

  • iPhone games.
  • Podcast stuff
  • My Career
  • Devil maybe can, but I really don't know if this is the direction I want this series to go, and jesus christ a lot of those unlock-able costumes make him look like even more of a shithead than he already is. WHATWHODOYOUTHINKYOUAREIAM!

I think in an alternate reality desperately trying to become this one, I should just put video games away and concentrate on more important things. But at the same time, I really should get back into the habit of writing absolute nonsense. So I guess right now, my life is DmC. Full of conflict.

Oh wait hey,

I also played that Fire Emblem Demo on the 3DS. It's still as Fire Emblem as it ever was, and the game looks nice! The 3D is as neat as it can be with that game, and I'm grateful with the inclusion of the casual mode, because that's exactly how I plan on playing that game. Casually. So hopefully I'll finally pick up this one Fire Emblem game and break my legendary silence on the series as a whole.

To rile some feathers I'd imagine.

Till next time,

Uncle Lapti.