Sunday night / monday morning Social Club

  It's late, I never really give myself anytime time to do blogging whatsoever (over here) but I'm not tired and I find myself with nothing to do. So let's just get this over with!
The last time I wrote all about GOTY stuff, I didn't really give it much attention. But I basically talk about how AWESOME Nier is, and how terrible Limbo is. but 2010 is in the past and PixelPrinny has talked about Nier enough, so you don't need to here it from me! (other than how I should remind you that Nier is the best game Squenix could muster all 2010. Which some people would say isn't much, but I was pretty much on board.)
Since the Christmas Break is over, I find myself in front of a large stack of games I need to play. Or, what I like to call "The games I need to get out of my system before I dedicate a whole day to Vanquish." Which is a small list so far. I knocked out "Playing Rockband 3 with the keyboard" in 10 minutes, I know I'll go back to that one, because I love playing the keyboard. 
[ Before I continue though, obviously, the great thing about the Keyboard is that it's midi, and I can use it for other things, I know there's the official Rockband midi keyboard adapterydoo (I know that's not what they're called) but I can't really find them. So I guess I'm going to have to resort to finding it online. But if then, could I find something non Rockband official that'll still work awesome? does anyone know what to look for? Hamst3r? ]
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Then low and Behold, I have Hot Pursuit to my disposal. PS3 version. It's an excellent game for the most part, those 'don't touch anything' time trials are a real downer though. I've done more cop levels then Racer levels. which is really weird to me Considering I don't really like doing the cop stuff as much as I thought I would. But it's still a good time, there's a bunch of pallies I'm yet to get together with to do some online, but from what I've seen of that so far, is actually pretty solid. I do have a bit of a competitive angst when it comes to this game though, and I don't think the Autolog helps when it constantly reminds me which friends are doing better that me on anything. I was hoping to just do the minimum all the time, but apparently the 'minimum' isn't good enough. 

Then I rage for a bit...
One of the things I was definitely hoping for was a smooth transition of my Playlist I made for Paradise, to this game. Turns out, totally different feel with the game. Really makes me want to tweek my soundtrack. (Although I love opening the game on the 'Alpha Beta Gaga (Mark Ronson Vocal Remix)' ) So I turn to what I've been listening to a lot lately. Which happens to be the music from Nier. Well, I guess not just any music. The soundtrack is great and all but If there was anything I could really take away from the DLC was all the remixed Tracks on it. It's possible I like this game a little too much.
But it also turns out that some Music from Neon Genesis Evengelion is pretty cool too! ... When you're a cop.
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Assssiiiiide from that, I've actually put a fair amount of time into 3D Dot Game Heroes. Yes, of course, it's very 8-bit Zelda in a crazy 3D world. So it already gets points, even though at this point that makes it pretty generic! Old Evil Threat is being threatened to show up and be a jerk again, so it's up to you to be a descendant of the hero of old and go through all the crap he went through just to do the same thing he did
As I said though, gameplay wise it's alright. Before when it was first coming out and everything, I really had a problem with the graphical style, it was un-comprehensibly ugly to me and it still is actually. I'm sitting here playing it, trying to think of a way I can make it all look better, while still trying to keep it's style in tact and nothing is coming up. Plus I really question the humor in this game a little bit. I don't want to rag on it, really.  But there's bee a lot of instances where I feel like the humor in this game very played out, or completely unnecessary. I did stop a play run shortly after 'REPEATEDLY STABBING A WOMAN' which was supposed to be innuendo for sex.
I'm still going to play through it, I mean if have to if the game gave me a trophy for playing the game for 5 hours already. I feel like I have 5 hours left to go. So.. yeah.
Thanks to the Tetris Quick look, and Mention of Tetris Friends I've all of a sudden got a Tetris bug again. It's fun to play, especially against other people. (THIS SHIT SHOULD BE ESPORTS OMGSEEYOUINVEGAS!) the higher in rank you go the more it feels like people rely on the use of items to win. Which is a downer, and does take a bit of the fun out if you're playing with at least 5 other people. Even with five other people you could be in danger of getting a barrage of lines and losing instantly. Which, let's be honest isn't fun, but that's how it is sometimes. And if people want to use that as their strategy to beat me, then I guess I'm going to have to suck it up, like a princess.  
 [BTW, if you have an account there, and feel you want to add me, I'll let you guess what my username is..]