TL;DL Episode 14: It's just a Podcast (Podcast)

  Hello friendly happy listener. Guess what. Yeah, yeah... we're late again. But at last we are here for another week. Rejoice! Vidiot, Ossi, Sidescroller, Dolphin_Butter, and Apathylad join Bonbolapti into the fray as we tackle the thing that's been on a lot of people's minds. CAPCOM. That's right. That company that's under a lot of heat for a handful of things right now. Oh yeah.. there's also something about Bastion in there somewhere. DON'T WORRY THOUGH. IT'S A SPOILER FREE AS POSSIBLE!


I forgot to mention this part. but we think it would be hilarious if people just tweeted random shit on the twitters under the hashtag. #Itsjustbaseball It's stems from the Podcast. you'll learn all about it. but man.. that Trending topic needs to be flooded with this kind of greatness.