Best of 2010

BoneChompski: Best of 2010

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  • Call of Pripyat delivers widespread improvements over Shadow of Chernobyl and is a must play for hermits and shut-ins. No other game makes you feel more independent.

  • John Marston is a cold son of a bitch which could have been remedied by adding flamethrowers? Also, cougar lady.

  • Dirt 2 has way too much bro-tude and the farther the game gets from its rally roots the weaker it gets. That said, still the best racer of 2010.

  • The DLC packs that came out for this title in 2010 makes it the 2010 2009 game of the year. For 2010.

  • A very polished and extensive rethink of the original changes the game significantly. Call me crazy, I think significantly for the worse. I must have been the only guy who liked having 100's of guns and driving the Mako.

  • I played as Agent York for about 12 hours and this game is as funny as everyone says. It is far worse than they claim, however.