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A Fun Game Despite its Flaws 0

In Red Faction you play as a man named Parker, who, wanting an "escape from Earth" left for Mars to become a miner working for the Ultor Corporation. He soon finds that his romanticized vision of Mars is nothing but a fantasy as he is greeted to harsh working conditions, tight living space, and an authoritarian employer. To add to this anguish, a disease known as the plague is spreading among the miners with know end or cure in sight.Things quickly turn south when miners begin to revolt. Parker,...

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Crossing the Line between movies and video games 1

Indigo Prochecy is a truly amazing game. The controls feel stiff at times but the button mashing sequences are great. The best part of this game though is the story and how it gives you options to alter the outcome. Gameplay 8.7/10 - while the Resident Evil esque controls feel pretty stiff the overall gameplay is great. There are tons of ways to interact with the environment. Very similar to Shenmue's FREE system.\Graphics 9/10- When this game was released the graphics were amazing and they are ...

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Review: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblvion 0

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblvion is an amazing RPG. It takes place cyrodiil, the capital province in the fictional land of Tamriel(The entire planet the series takes place on is Nirm if you want to go more to detail) It is on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.The land of Cyrodiil is huge... a little too huge. It's great that they made such a large area too explore, but most of it are just forests. Although the forests are different in every general area which is nice.Oblivion's gameplay is great. The combat feel...

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