Top Five of 2019

2019 games I'm planning on playing: Control, Resident Evil 2 (if I decide I can handle the body horror), Luigi's Mansion 3, Link's Awakening, Hypnospace Outlaw.

List items

  • This game has been floating around my head all year.

    You explore and learn bits of information. You then use what you've learnt to solve puzzles, find new places, and unravel mysteries.

    It's a perfect mix of adventure/mystery/space flight/walking simulator.

  • Utterly unique. It was spot-on in creating a certain mood and eliciting thoughts/feelings:

    - A place going to hell in way that felt very real. Things getting worse daily, situations changing dramatically.

    - Facinating and bewildering things that seem to come out of nowhere because you're pre-occupied with surviving.

    - Responsibility of triage. Trying to save everyone and failing. Giving up on people.

    - Surviving, having immediate needs and obligations that make long term planning difficult.

  • I like walking sims and asynchronous multiplayer.

    Thank you Furryboy6969 for your well placed bridges.

  • It was my expectation that this would be a Minecraft-clone. I played the demo, and then immediately got it. You build stuff, and then the stuff is used by NPCs in a meaningful way within a pseudo town management sim. I would absolutely play a DQB3.

  • This was my first Fire Emblem game. I'm all-in on anything turn-based. I played through one route, the Black Eagles rebellion story. I liked the daily routine stuff OK but not enough for a NewGame+.