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BoOzak: Best of 2010

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  • Highly recommended for anyone who loves japanese culture, RPGs, Brawlers & Open World Games.. Plus there's Karaoke!

  • A great shooter & a decent RPG. It may not be the deepest game out there but as far as character driven, multi-layered storys that react to your every action go, it doesnt get any better than this.

  • I had high expectations coming off Fahrenheit.(Indigo prophecy to most) But Heavy Rain's level of interactivity & genuinly shocking moments make this my most memorable game all year.

  • It would be pretty difficult for me not to love this game, given how much I enjoyed the original. But I was surpriesed by how faithfull this game was to the first whislt still managing to improve on many elements that were sub-par in the other game.

    The amount of different weapon combinations,psychos,zombies,vehicles, firearms, consumables & weird situations coupled with the updated engine that allows for even more chaos. AND the inclusion of Co-Op & TiR really make this worth the wait. (asuming your still not tired of killing zombies, but that's crazy talk..)

  • Whilst not quite besting Fallout 3, New Vegas was still one of the best RPGs this year. Yes the game had alot of issues(& i'm not talking about glitches) but for every miss-step like Crafting, Hardcore Mode, Different bullet variants, Armour Thresholds(AT) There was something awesome like Iron Sights, Weapon Mods and an Improved companion system, Not to mention the fact that there's about twice the amount of Guns & Armour compared to Fallout 3, which helps it feel like a more fleshed out game overall.

  • As somebody who doesnt generally play RTS's I was suprised by how much I enjoyed this game. Whilst not really changing the formula all that much the level of polish, Cool characters, Locations & Mission Variety really had me excited to see what would happen next.

    ..And I heard the multiplayer was pretty good too..

  • I'm not the biggest CoD fan, to be honest I lost interest in the franshise ever since Modern Warfare. But this game really turned me round. I just loved the hyper-active nature of story and the ridiculousness of it all which came off as a bit too forced in MW but it worked perfectly in Black Ops. From the moment you start the campaign to the moment it ends you just get the feeling the developers really dont care about historical accuracy or the laws of physics solong something explodes or someone dies every 5 seconds everythings good. Everyone knows how the multiplayer works.. it's CoD, just the way you remembered it in MW, just refined & improved with decent Maps & Balanced Perks which for me all work to create the most addictive multiplayer shooter since the original Halo on Xbox connect.

  • Nothings beats a classic but if your gonna remake one this is how you do it. The game has a bunch of cool features that make it stand out. Like the ability to change the screen filtering to crisp, smooth, or an arcade cabinet with scan lines and everything. But that's not what makes this the perfect remake, it's the challenge system that gives spesific tasks to complete on each level, that have multiple tiers to make sure even the most skilled brawler wont get them all in a single or even a dozen playthroughs. ..And I really enjoyed the revamped soundtrack.

    I realise the idea of unlocking concept art & bad cartoons might not be for everyone but i'll take any incentive to relive a classic that's still, in my opinion the best brawler ever made.(not counting modern brawlers like Ninja Gaiden or DMC)

    ..And lets just forget about Magic Sword..

  • A great Devil May Cry'esque beatem'up that's style and wierdness make it really enjoyable to play.

  • A crazy over-the-top shooter that's pure hyper-kinectic action all the way through.