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borgmaster: Best of 2009

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  • It's been said, but this improved on the first Assassin's Creed, a game that I liked more than I probably should, in every possible way. It's also one of the few games that has ever compelled me to get 100% completion, and one of even fewer to make it reasonably attainable, which is what makes it my game of the year.

  • With great concepts and brilliant execution, this is not only the game that the Dark Night has always deserved, but is also a game that is just generally needed. It's also fucking awesome.

  • I like Forza, a lot, and this improves on the formula and mechanics in every way while giving a ludicrous amount of content. Did I mention that I like Forza?

  • Easily the second best open-world game of the year.

  • A big and nicely destroyable sandbox with a lot to do and just the right amount of open-world bugginess. It falters only in the eventual tedium of what it asks the player to do.

  • Bioware games=crack. Enough said.

  • Doesn't really need justification, it's just great.

  • Despite having the best production values and being probably the most finely crafted game this year, it doesn't pack the same umph that the 7 higher games do. It fixes most, but not all, of it's predecessor's bullshit and outside of it's prototypical, explosive-roller-coaster campaign it just didn't instill me with any reason to give a damn.

  • With GTAIV being unarguably (that's right, I went there) the best game of last year, the two episodes added a large amount quality and considered content that, at least for me, deserves it a place on this list.