Best of 2010

borgmaster: Best of 2010 (Games that I played. There are probably games I didn't play that deserve to be on this list)

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  • This is one of the only games to ever do something good in the western genre. Not only was the writing and story pacing great for an open world game, but the fact that Rockstar made both combat and traversal work really well in the 1912 southwest is amazing. Not to mention the multiplayer, with it's innovative free roam architecture, enjoyable co-op, and well done leveling system. Yes, there were bugs, but even those were enjoyable and amusing in their own way: whether you ran into the "cougar man" or watched as NPCs fled in terror at levitating horses. Everything taken together, this is the best game experience I had all year.

  • This game easily deserves it's place on this list. It does many things right, including the story, combat, and presentation. But what makes it stand above everything else are the characters and world building. The writing and voice-acting are probably the best in the last few years and they did a great job of drawing players into the universe it's setting forth and making them care what happens. Also, this game has had the best run of DLC this year. The only thing that is keeping this from the top slot is that while it took many steps forward from the first Mass Effect, it took some notable steps back that ultimately break the game experience whenever they make themselves apparent.

    Oh, and the boss fights are ass. That doesn't help.

  • Firaxis made the perfect sequel. They not only refined and changed the already great formula from Civilization IV, but did so to as perfect results as any developer can possibly have when tinkering with the nuts and bolts of their tried and true mechanics. If every sequel did what this game did for Civilization, then we would be living in a gaming paradise.

  • First off, I'm a big Assassin's Creed fan. Second, Ubisoft Montreal made the best transition that they possibly could have from the the second to the third Assassin's creed games with this game. They do a good a job of winding down Ezio's story while building up Desmond's. The Brotherhood mechanic and innovative multiplayer (fuck The Ship) are not only fun, but show a lot of potential for the future. And really, the thing that can be said about this game is that it gives closure to what was in AC 2 while introducing things for AC 3, and it does so really well.

  • Where Civilization 5 was the best refinement and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is the best transition, Halo: Reach is the best ending. Through it's great characterization (for a shooter) and perfecting tweaks to the tried and true Halo framework, it easily earns a place on any top ten list. Other than that there isn't much to say, it does what all of the other halo games have done to the best that they can possibly be done, and that makes it a really good game.

  • This was an experiment gone right, and an extremely compelling proof of concept. Even though it isn't actually done, it's still one of the best experiences that I had all year and should be at least tried by everyone. It's in the bottom five of this years list because it'll probably be in the top five of next years list, and I don't even care if that's cheating.

  • Even though it's on my top ten list, I can only muster complaints for this game, so let's get those out of the way first. The story has a tinge of a frenchified Se7en, the voice-acting is the bad kind of hilarious in a lot of parts, and the controls are broken too often to be ignored. Other than all of that it is still incredibly compelling and the most unique experience of the year. It really demands to at least be tried out once by everyone, so if you haven't then go ahead and do so.

  • The question isn't why I have Picross 3D on my top ten list, but instead why YOU don't have Picross 3D on YOUR top ten list.