GOTY 2019

List items

  • I went in knowing next to nothing and had my mind completely blown. This game takes the best parts of Myst and No Mans Sky with a cozy aesthetic and existential dread. By far my best experience this year.

  • I ended up playing this thing consistently throughout the year. I've played all of the songs on all difficulties and I'm fully committed to the story in this thing. That being said, this is a kinda janky game with amazingly bad translation and I don't actually like most of the music. Still had a great time.

  • Finally a good Fire Emblem after the long post-Awakening mediocre spell. Have you wondered what FE would be like if it was set in Hogwarts? No? Great, this game is for you! The combat works, there's an absurd number of systems, a branching story that goes places, and more waifus than you can shake a stick at. There's something here for everyone to love.

  • A short and mostly great existential space horror experience. Finished it in two sittings and had some genuinely unnerving moments. This is one of those few horror things that goes for a bottom-of-the-stomach horror without jump scares or gore, and it (mostly) works.

  • I lost a month of my life to being real finicky with this thing, but eventually fell off. This is the only factory sim I have been able to get into and despite the flaws, I was still into it.

  • Best third person shooting, Crap network stability, and dumb writing. That's all I want out of a game.

  • It's more picross.

  • I'm still a sucker for Paradox strategy games and I sank dozens of hours into this thing. That said, there really isn't much new here and this style of game needs a makeover.

  • This is the best one of these kinds of RPGs. I had an alright time that wasn't a great time because of the severe bugs I ran into. Obsisian is still showing that they can do any kind of RPG better than anyone else.

  • This is a bad game. The story and writing are bad, and the gameplay is 80% the same a Wildlands. I still enjoyed myself with this thing, and it makes it onto the list because the world/minimap is done in a topographical way that enhances the gameplay. More games need topographical world maps.