Don't Buy Diablo III from Best Buy.

Thinking about buying a digital copy of Diablo III from Best Buy? Don't.

It was sort of an impulse buy; I was intending on picking up the game at some point in the near future, and I happened to be in Best Buy, and I had a couple of reward certificates. So I went for it. No physical copies on the shelf, just digital download tokens. Here's what the back of the card you buy looks like:

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Simple enough, right? Except you're being lied to. Instead of the code, this is what's on your receipt:

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Well, that's no big deal. Probably a little more secure than just printing on the receipt. But I keep checking my e-mail, and the code keeps not being there.

After a couple of hours, right before I have to go to work, I do a little research and it turns out I'm not the only one waiting:

Twelve hours after making the purchase, I call Best Buy support and eventually get the same answer: it's gonna be a couple of days. For an e-mail with a download code. Pretty pathetic, especially considering I bought the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft from the Best Buy website (they had it for $5 off) a few weeks ago and received the code promptly.

In short, don't bother pointing out how ridiculous it was of me to buy a digital download code from a brick and mortar store. I know that now.


Lethal Force Is For Sissies (minor spoilers)



It was tough, but not too. I rolled with the tranq rifle through most of the game, kept a shotgun for the bosses, and started using the P.E.P.S. and stun gun towards the end. Put a lot of points into hacking early on. Played it stealthy for the most part but didn't really put a lot of points into stealth-related skills until near the end of the game.

Wack Shit At Wal-Mart

These were taken a few weeks ago and I didn't get around to getting them off my phone until now, but...these were taken in 2011.

 not a fucking hoax
 not a fucking hoax
Street Fighter EX3! A PS2 launch title nearing the eleventh anniversary of its U.S. release! Only 49-fucking-96! And it's a little hard to tell in the photo, but that box art is faded as fuck. I guess this is awesome if you think Street Fighter IV doesn't have enough Skullomania in it. Which come to think of it, it fucking doesn't. Rock on EX series.
 not an imaginary fucking story
 not an imaginary fucking story
Final Fantasy XI! And the HDD! You know, the one that you can only use with your old fat PS2, if that still works (SPOILER: IT DOESN'T)! Only $90! Although, I guess if we learned anything from the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 TNT earlier this year, it's that the PS2 is still as viable for online gaming as any current-gen platform.
And these weren't even at a Wal-Mart in the ghetto! This was in a relatively upscale shopping district! I'm not even sure this Wal-Mart EXISTED when these games came out. One other crazy thing I've seen that I don't have a photo of: dozens of unsold copies of AC/DC Rock Band. On clearance for around $13. I've been tempted to buy it out of pity.
(If you're asking why I would even go into a Wal-Mart: it's because I hate myself!)

Pile Of Shame update for 8-9-11

It's been almost three months, and my pile has changed...somewhat.

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Some notes:
  •  I beat God Of War III, Castlevania: LoS and Super Paper Mario.
  • Started but didn't finish: Front Mission, Advance Wars: DoR, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection (well, you can't really "finish" an SF game, but whatever) and No More Heroes. I actually bought NMH2 before I even touched the first one.
  • I also put a few hours into Radiant Historia last week. It's cool! The story seems really interesting and the idea of time travel and branching realities is something I always thought would've been cool in a third Chrono game.
  • Speaking of which: yes, I've played Chrono Trigger and FFT before (although I never finished FFT). I just haven't played these versions yet.

Ain't That A (Pile Of) Shame

Here's my stack of console and handheld games that I've bought and not touched yet.

Total disclosure: I did play the tutorial at the beginning of the first Devil Summoner. But including it in the pile better illustrates my addiction to buying SMT games and barely/never playing them. Any suggestions on something I should be playing NOW?

Minor Complaint About a Dumb Thing (mild MK spoiler, I guess)

When you beat MK's Story Mode, you get two achievements: one for actually beating the story mode, and one for unlocking Quan Chi, which so far as I know cannot be done any other way.

Unlocking two achievements for one task, when there's no other way to earn those achievements separately, is superfluous and goofy. That's all. Just had to get that out there.


Random Thoughts on the PSN Outage

People say that we shouldn't complain about problems with PSN since it's free. But it's still in competition with XBL, and Sony will lose business to them when stuff like this happens. I bought the PS3 version of Portal 2 this week because of the Steam integration, but now I can't play the co-op online unless I install the PC version, which I know won't run as well on my laptop. I picked up Mortal Kombat for 360 today, but I probably would've grabbed the PS3 version (because fuck yeah Kratos) if it weren't for this.

I use my PS3 as a Blu-Ray player more than I use it as a gaming machine. They release firmware updates more often than I turn it on. And they take forever.

You're not getting a freebie for your trouble, unless you're a Playstation Plus subscriber. Count on it.

This better not happen when Twisted Metal comes out.


The Sunday Thrifting Report

So I hit the flea market this afternoon, primarily in search of something Mortal Kombat, preferably SNES-era. Found a vendor selling rows and rows of games, including an SNES copy of Mortal Kombat II. The games were under glass and hard to access, which was a nice sales gimmick: make the old lady work to get the game out, feel bad about it, buy the game even if it's overpriced. 
But the sticker price was $25, and I'm a callous, thrifty man. Even after she knocked it down to $20, I knew I'd be paying too much. I turned it down, but asked about another game over in the PSOne case. She was apparently done dealing with me, and turned me over to (presumably) her son, who fished out the game I'd asked about. One I'd chased after for over a decade, ever since it came out around the time I bought my original Playstation.
"How much for Devil Dice?" $12. I asked if he could knock it down to less than that. $10, more if I bought more games. No, $10 would be fine. The disc (which I probably should've checked before handing over the money) looked a little shady. But it runs fine in my PS3. And it's fun.
After that, I hit up the local GameXchange to try my hand at finding a cheaper of MKII. I walked out with both that and Street Fighter II. $6.95 each. That is success.

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