Pile Of Shame update for 8-9-11

It's been almost three months, and my pile has changed...somewhat.

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Some notes:
  •  I beat God Of War III, Castlevania: LoS and Super Paper Mario.
  • Started but didn't finish: Front Mission, Advance Wars: DoR, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection (well, you can't really "finish" an SF game, but whatever) and No More Heroes. I actually bought NMH2 before I even touched the first one.
  • I also put a few hours into Radiant Historia last week. It's cool! The story seems really interesting and the idea of time travel and branching realities is something I always thought would've been cool in a third Chrono game.
  • Speaking of which: yes, I've played Chrono Trigger and FFT before (although I never finished FFT). I just haven't played these versions yet.