Best of 2007

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  • 360 - In most ways i liked this game better then ME2, but Mass Effect 2 was a much smoother experience and continued an allready great story in an awesome universe.

  • Probably the race game i've played for the most hours, and one achievement short of the full 1000 points. That 1,000,000 online credits achievement was just bullshit!

  • 360 - TF2 on the 360 is kind of sad compared to the Steam version and i've tried a bunch of times to finish Half-Life 2. The reason for this high score is soley because of Portal. Although it was some time later when i really started to enjoy Portal for all its greatness, this could have easily be my number one.

  • 360 - The first 360 Halo game was not the "greatest thing ever" (mot by far), but it was still a pretty good game, that i fairly enjoyed.

  • 360 - This game did something no other game had done, playing an assassin in a huge open city. Sure AC2 improved in almost every way but this first game was a great start.

  • 360 (only played the single player)

  • 360 - My first "fake guitar game" and probably one of the best.

  • 360 - Best skate game... ever?

  • 360 - A great game at the time, really frustrating to go back to...

  • XBLA