Best of 2009

At the time when i made this list, i hadn't played games like Borderlands, which definitely deserves a (high) spot on this list.

List items

  • Better then Forza 2 in almost every way. I love racing sims, and Forza 3 is the game to beat in this genre (on consoles). Curious to see if GT5 is going to be in this spot next year...

  • Awesome game, although i still need to finish it, i love it. The story, characters, voice overs and graphics are all top notch. And those Riddler challenges are an awesome touch.

  • This game looks great and is so much better then the first game. The story starts out great but my only problem with the game is introduced in the last part of the game. And that final bossfight is just bullshit.

  • I liked the original, but the sequal is better in everyway. If Ubisoft keeps this up, the third game is going to be a great experience...

  • Having never played games like Super Metroid, this game is new to me, and i guess it took everyone by suprise. Great gameplay and always the carrot to keep you playing until you unlock all the upgrades and armorpacks.

  • Finished the story on evil, but i intend to go back and play through on good because this is a great game and i want another platinum.

  • Haven't finished the story, the reason%3B an awesome multiplayer mode that mixes up the gametypes during a match.

  • I grew up listening to the Beatles and now being able to play and sing along is great.

  • Battlefield 1943 provides a solid multiplayer game, with destruction and vehicles and only lacks in the ammount of maps it offers.

  • Although everyone who played RE4 says that's better, i still really enjoyed myself playing RE5. Co-op that is, because this is a co-op game, it can be played single player but this is not recommented. Still having played through the game multiple times i really enjoyed this game and i thought it deserved a place in my top 10 of 2009.