Web 2.0 and the downfall of the Russian Empire

It's here finally here!


But with it came something I wasn't expecting, something I haven't felt for a long time: a strange sense of power.
I've heard of web 2.0. I've heard that it's the average person's chance to shape the internet, to publish the disgusting contents of their sick minds but to be honest, I ain't ever really done it. I mean my mind as sick as they come, the dirtier corners of my mind could give Saw a run for its money, could have Chuck Pahlaniuk heaving into the pages of his latest novel, could make Manhunt 2 look like...well Viva Pinata. The thing is that I still find contributing a bit tricky. It's sorta like in Zelda - you can see that treasure chest and you know its probably good but you just can't be bothered to figured out how to pull the levers and whack the buttons to get it. It's never felt easy enough to be something i do organically, something I do just on the off chance, when I have an idea- untill now!

Giant Bomb truly is the culmination of web 2.0. I've already edited 5 things and proposed 5 new pages just as I was browsing. The process feels strangely natural, I feel as if I have something to contribute and the website WANTS my  knowledge rather than wanting my info only on completion of a small assault course and a few jumps through hoops. Having submitted these few edits for moderation I felt confident enough to give this blog a go and for that I thank you. Giant Bomb has given me voice!

BUT that was how the Russian Empire crumbled - they gave the people a voice!

Just kidding. Good luck guys.