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Classic Reborn 0

Having never played the original Metroid, Metroid 2, or even the SNES version, I might feel a bit alien to the experience I've had with Metroid Prime. Fortunately, I hear there was not much of a story in the previous versions. Perhaps they should have gone with that idea here. The background story is not so much experienced in this game as it is read, through various Chozo translations and data terminals, and it did not long hold my interest. Nevertheless, the game does provide some exciting gam...

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Almost Perfect. 0

RPGs tend to be stuck in the same medieval time periods, but Fallout offers a fresh, original storyline set in a distant retro future. The game's renown is surely due to its interesting plot line, humorous and believable dialog, and exciting characters. From the moment the game starts, you're placed in the role of an inhabitant of Vault 13, where you were born and have lived yourentire life thanks to an apocalyptic nuclear war that's all but wiped out humanity. The water chip which recyles the v...

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