Multiplying my love

I haven't bought a new game in a while. I honestly think the last new game I bought was The Walking Dead Pass when they released Episode 1. However, after hearing about Dishonoured on the bombcast I decided to pick it up. Also, best of all; it has full English support. Score!

I am not a huge fan of stealth, and I have to admit that I should have done more research about Dishonoured before I picked it up. I am happy that I did though, because I think if I had waited until I read more reviews or impressions of this game then I might have been scared off. If anything it's made me want to give other stealth games like Splinter Cell another shot. The big difference with Dishonoured though is that although you can play it stealthy, you can also go through the levels all guns blazing and there's no real punishment. You can, in practice, shoot your way through every level. There's no punishment for slipping up and a guard seeing you other than a brief skirmish before you go back to sneaking your way through, this is assuming your slip up didn't set off an alarm, though.

I played through the game my way. I sneaked past some guards, slowly subduing them into a gentle slumber before throwing them into the river, where they drowned. I am passive aggressive like that. I even shot a few with crossbow darts, sometimes incendiary ones, and stabbed my fair share too. What I am saying is that I played the game how I wanted, not by limiting myself to no kills or like a ghost. Honestly, it's giving up so much of what makes the game great by doing those options.

I had a blast playing it and once I was finished I was ready to move on. I was contemplating playing through again, I mean, I had a whole lot of fun the first time around, and I thought to myself, hey, I can do it and mop up any trophies I missed. This game isn't a game for completionists though. Ideally, if you're going after the trophies you can do it in 2 playthroughs, but that's is if you do the polar opposites each time. Once as a ghost and another as if you're hunting The Predator. You have to be strict in your choice.

Now, I don't really care about trophies too much. If a game is fun I will try for the trophies as long as I continue to enjoy myself, but the moment it becomes a chore I am out. In fact, the only trophy that I will say I spent hours getting without enjoying myself much was the one for killing 53,594 zombies in Dead Rising, and that was at a time where I was between jobs. I am all for trophies, and they sometimes serve as good motivation to continue playing a game you might otherwise have put away, but I really hate games that require you to play through the game multiple times to get them or ones that require you to kill XX number of people.

As for Dishonoured, I have put it aside for now but I can see myself coming back to it during a particularly slow games season. I want to play more, but I am going to give stabbing people in the neck a break for a while.