Soundtrack sale @ Sumthing Digital

I don't visit Sumthing Digital all that often, but today I see that they have a great promotion: 20% off!  That's a good $2 - $4 savings per album compared to the Canadian iTunes store, which has also dropped some popular titles out of their catalog like BCR. I've attached this post to some of my favourite titles and composers available. They serve up DRM free (and ID3 free :p ) MP3s, but they do use a Java download manager so be ready for that.

To access the discount, use the code right in their Promotion dropdown. It will show up when a disc is added to your cart. Obviously this kind of thing is normal for them if they have that dropdown, but I remember the last time I used the site there wasn't a special running.

 Now in Moogle P 3 format.
 Now in Moogle P 3 format.
Game soundtracks and remixes make up more than half of my iTunes library, and proud to say I've purchased dozens of them.  Most when visiting Japan, or having my brother forward from  Though I suppose paying for the music is a karma balance between the money I saved buying many of the same games used...? Let's go with that. My very first purchase was Kefka's Domain, the 3-disc 1994 FFIII OST Squaresoft brought to english market, and you could order it through Nintendo.  I got the soundtrack and my buddy bought the game cartridge. They both cost about the same ($50-60), but a couple years later he lent the game and his SNES to a girl that never returned it... and I still listen to the music, so yeah. ;)
10 and 15 years ago getting game and anime soundtracks often involved shady importers or trekking to conventions, where you could be just as likely to get a Chinese knock-off pressing, so the studio wouldn't get the money anyway!  Now it's a whole lot easier to find them thanks to SD and iTunes, though Apple still hasn't figured out a browsable category just for VG music. But it's improving, and I've read the studios and composers are happy with the sales numbers. Anything to keep Jesper and Simon rolling in the money is aces with me.

This blog post is brought to you by, the Giant Bombcast 8-19-2008, which reminded me that I never printed off my Bionic Commando CD cases, and the Unity forums which reminded me that Sumthing is still a great distributor.