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What You Make Of It 0

(This review is based on 35-40 hours playing and researching single and multiplayer Minecraft Alpha v1.1.2, on Mac & PC. Some screenshots were made while using a texture mod based on A Link to the Past.)     IntroductionFrom Boulder Dash to Lode Runner; from Dig Dug to Mr. Driller; from Mr. Do to Miner Dig Deep...   Drums in the deep. We love to dig. We love to build. We love to fight monsters. We love to play by ourselves, or with friends. Minecraft is a rare hybrid o...

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Suspend your disbelief, get over yourself, and enjoy this game! 2

If Eden and Atari had given us absolutely no sense of what Alone In The Dark (2008) was going to be, it would have been the greatest surprise hit of 2008. These days developers are being hoist on their own petard (aka: blow'd up) by their own desire to promote the work they're doing for a return on the enormous budgets involved. It's practically as though the ratio of hype-to-hands on enjoyment involves a penalty: the "but you pwomised us!!!" mentality. It's a problem, but it's not up to us cons...

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What more can you ask for from a gravure game? Auto-pilot. 0

In a word: ridiculous. Review sites in general are usually hard on "gravure" games, those Japanese stalwarts that are meant for little more than titillation. It happened back in the day ('94) when Metal & Lace and Cobra Mission were offered to mainstream North American PC gamers, and the DOAX series is the latest generation, being famously described as "the best lesbian dating simulator" out there. The first DOAXBV actually presented a very playable volleyball mechanic. I can still load it...

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A garden of delights. Strawberries to be exact. 0

Ware for art, thou Wario? If you find any appeal in microgames, you will not be disappointed with Nintendo's latest offering. Moving past the Gamecube controls and DS stylus certainly took a leap of inspiration, and the over 150 members of the WarioWare development team have embraced the Wii with gusto. The variety of Wii-motions showcased in Smooth Moves will likely become a template for other developers. The diversity of styles among the microgames can be jarring, but never tiresome. The tech...

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It deserves a sequel. And some HAX GameShark codes. 0

Now I'm a fan on Pinball, and a fan of Strategy. Never did I realize that both were strange bedfellows. Odama is a charming game full of character(s) and style and enjoyment. But Yoot Saito is of the Old Skool style of punishing difficulty. There are times you may as well be chanting "Lose! Lose!" You may weep. You may wail. You will hurl the controller, or in my case, the microphone because the clip is only so durable. To be fair, in pinball, luck (known among the elite-types as "physics") is ...

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