Pile of Shame

One of the (relative) downsides of covering games for a living is only having a finite amount of time to play games, and often having to play a bunch of games you'd rather not mess with. A consequence of this responsibility is lacking the time to play all the games you do want to play; I've got a sizable stack of games in my house I've always wanted to at least try but somehow never got around to. Here are some of the most embarrassing examples. 


Here I'll list games that were formerly on this list and then done got played. 
Batman: Arkham Asylum 
Brilliant blend of game mechanics, great version of Batman, incredible visuals, addictive collectibles... what a game. 
Fallout 3 
HOLY CRAP CAN'T STOP PLAYING THIS. I might actually get the S-rank, including all the DLC. Damn.

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