Aww son of a...

Let's just say that technology is a bitch to me lately. In fact, I don't even know why I keep on trying to make this damn PC working... I guess it's like trying to start your car in the winter. You keep on turning that key, and the car will keep on making those sounds as if it's choking on it's own fuel. I mean, whenever I start that crackbox up, I know damn well that within a matter of minutes the thing will completely lock up on me.

Hell, it isn't just that. Last time, I told the guy who usually repairs my computers(this would be the fifth time) to use some space of the D:/ drive, to enlarge the C:/ drive. And so he did. I made the stupid mistake of putting a shitload of documents and files on that C:/ drive. Which will most likely be emptied again, knowing the situation is FUBAR.

Last three times I salvaged everything by simply dumping it on USB's and on the large D:/ drive, which is basically a build-in USB drive.

I've gotten a shitload of errors thus far. And every blue screen gives me a new random selection of error codes. The most common one being 0x000000F4. And after scavenging through the databases, I discovered it's an error that will most likely occur if you multi-task on Vista with a Dual-Core/Quad-Core equipped.

Funny thing being that having a Quad-Core should fix the entire crowd-control issue, right? Turns out that in Vista it can effectivly kill your software. Nontheless, it's a error that is fixed in the first service pack. Gee, what a suprise. I'm still running tests for Microsoft here. From what I know, I got Vista SP1. Infact, I HAVE SP1.

Oh what a joy. But I guess that problem should be resolved by monday, I'm sending the wretched box of bolts back to that guy. He can have a blast installing Vista for the fourth time. Fuckin' cheater tries to make me pay for XP. All that I require is him using the Vista CD to 'repair' the current issues. So he won't charge me for that. Thing being; I'm done with Vista. It's crap. Done.

Sure, it's a wonderfull operating system if the only thing you do is type, roam the internet and download pornographic material. But for gaming, and "tougher" stuff like game editors, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and that stuff - You're better off getting XP and download them flashy Vista themes.

Honestly, it isn't this bad that I'm willing to pay fifty bucks to go four years back in time with XP. But it's a big, fucking hassle.

But, putting my bitching aside...

I started playing Call of Duty 4 again. And Lord, for I have sinned. That game holds a record for broken controllers. Heck, once I broke the controller, and was still pissed enough to send the game case of CoD4 flying after it. It's a frustrating game. Beyond imagination.

It's that when I play with friends, I can keep a hold of myself. Okay, I pushed certain limits when I insulted this Brit who was actually thinking he did a good impression of a "hoodrat" from Inglewood, L.A. Calling him 'black boy' was outta line, but Y'know, if I'm a 'cracker' according to this Welsh prick, I've got all rights to shut him the hell up with his own weapons, right?

Played a bunch of games with Player1, JamesF, and EpicSteve... Eventually somewhat later a few games with MsCortana. Speaking of which, I seriously hate Team Hardcore on Call of Duty 4. Y'know the phrase "Scares you shitless"?

There was this one time that I blew a teammates face off with a shotgun, cause he jumped up the stairs behind me. The other time I shot a teamie in the skull with a Desert Eagle because he ran towards me all o' the sudden.

But, in all seriousness. This game frustrates the hell outta me. For one reason, specifically. I'm the most typical run-and-gun kinda guy. Heck, it's how I got the golden paint for the M1014 shotgun. Charge, kill, die. What turns me into the controllers' worst enemy? The fact that atleast two will go and snipe. On our team, and theirs. Any map, any circumstance. A sniper will appear.

Now, I don't hate snipers with a passion in Call of Duty. I hate snipers with a passion in Battlefield Bad Company. How is anyone supposed to survive when a sniper is taking potshots on everyone, and taking out the biggest fuckin' tanks with his little laser-designator?

CoD4 atleast gives us a fair chance at taking his sorry ass out. But, I need to get pretty close. Using buildings and such to my advantage. Sure, I can still take on a M16A4 and live. But snipers ALWAYS get me. Why? It's that wretched combo of M40A1 and it's damage increasing perks. Leg, arm, skull - Always instant death.

Anyway... This blog is reaching quite the length, and my PC's going insane as I'm typing... So, adios.


Ahh, the voice of the people...

Gotta love it when someone complains about the presidential election, tries to convince people who they need to vote for, consider looking at the stock markets dropping informative, think everything the United States stands for is going to hell...

... Yet, they are all born beyond 1994.

I'm not trying to insult anyone here, but don't pretend that you're worried. By the time you're old enough to be affected by it all; You can vote for a new president, watch the Dow Jones in action way above the 10K line, banks won't drop like a line of Domino's and there will most likely be a new war of somesort you can have a debate on... The war on drugs, the war on nuclear weapons, the war on smoking in public areas, you name it.

Heck, I love it when someone voices their opinion, especially when they're a part of it, but arent we watching CNN alot, lately?


Made it to level 60 in Mass Effect...

... With a guy that is a mixture between Keanu Reeves, Tommy Lee Jones and Jon Stewart.

And to be honest, I don't even like the game that much. I only like the end-game, for the first ten hours feels like a drag. Note to Bioware; Noveria sucks ass.


Poor ol' Mr. Thompson.

Life must be pretty damn good if the Florida Supreme Court comes up "Well... You have 30 days to get rid of your current clients and close that hellhole firm of yours.".

Sure, the guy was one hell of an annoyance when it comes to video games. And there's no denying that he was mentally... 'challenged' when it comes to giving up or finding new reasons to continue sueing the hell out of a company. Heck, even after nearly two years of bashing this dude...

You have to admit, man. The guy lost everything now.

Ahhh... No more insane "Thompson lies connection between Finland school-shoot out and GTAIV" news lines.

Sir Thompson, you'll be missed.


And Halo 3 has to remind me of all that is wrong with the game...

In a nutshell:

- All common FPS 'anti-tactics'; Camping, spawn-killing, kill stealing and VEHICLES.
- Lag.
- Press-button voice communication.
- Achievement-whoring to a new low.
- Matchmaking that is just as broken as a shattered window.

The long story:

Halo 3's got another update. Not a mappack that puts the word 'overrated' in a overrated situation, and that is overall half-decent. Not a free-map that equals the worth of Yaris. Nothing like that... Yet. No, instead. The game recieved something only a game valued so highly by Microsoft can obtain. See, a usual game can get new achievements at some point. Expansion Packs usually involve 250 additional gamerscore to be sucked out of the game(if you didn't see the suck > whore relation here... U R phail)...

Ontop of that, you'd have to cough up a shitload of money. For something that wouldn't even last you for ten hours.

But that isn't really the deal with Halo 3's first issue, which is "Got it's ass kissed so damn much that it went from matte, to glossy.". Halo got itself the 250 additional gamerscore alright...

... And they made it appear to be 'free'. Cause, how long has it been since the Legendary Map Pack was released? And how many stubborn idiots bought it(including me)? They have the achievements set so, that they would only work if you have purchased the map pack a looong time ago, or just four hours ago. As these overly-easy to obtain achievements are set to be unlocked on specific maps. It'll take you a while before you realise that all the points are set to the DLC.

Don't get tempted by that campaign achievement... As it'll give a whopping ZERO points(Thats what GameSpot told me, haven't really checked that out myself).

Now I wouldn't be here, bashing this game like the stereotypical prick that I am if I didn't have some back-up reasons to rely on... And oh Lord, Bungie gave 'em all.

Achievement whoring. And some additional bashing to the previous one; Microsoft's precious. Even though it got dropped by Microsoft, because the Halo fame was done. I've played a bunch of matches, cause I gotta say, the achievements inspired me to play this game again. For I hate this game with a raging passion. It does a helluvalot more wrong, than it does right. But that's my opinion, right? Get your shallow ass back into the cave, I'm a troll, and a damn good one. Yathzee's right; I live underneath a bridge and hand-out business cards.

Anyway, after five matches of Big Team Battle...
...Okay, I think I just made the "Lag" issue stand out and cross itself away as DO'H. Yeah, true... Big Team Battle is like welcoming lag with open arms...

But moving on, five matches. And all five of 'em were populated by people who were trying to pursuade the rest of us to help them gain achievements. Hell, there were a bunch of kids that were underaged as all hell that were calling eachother names because they all wanted the gunner seat on the damned Warthog, while I was ordered by Chief Sergeant Pampers to drive. In the end, I just said "Fuck you guys", and drove them both of the cliff on the Avalanche Map.

Most statisfying team kill since Saints Row's Protect Tha Pimp bitchslap-team kill.

Next match was populated by slightly more mature people, that gave up on winning after the first three seconds as they ALL wanted to get that one assassination achievement. Yeah, we lost. But I couldn't help laughing than not one managed to get the two assassinations necessary.

The funny thing is that both teams were actually populated by players that wanted to get achievements, and lose if it was necessary. Hell, I never got this many cheap kills because some wiseass was trying to do his best trying to get an assassination on me while I was shooting the hell out of him with mah battle-rifle. I got a ton of kills with the Scorpion Tank on this one "Heavy" game-mode, because all these knuckleheads we're bitching on who could have the turret on the Warthog.

All in all, the achievement whores have their pleasure. (Again... If you...).
But those who actually wanna play the damn maps seriously, and don't give a damn for the achievements other than being a sort of motivation... Well, we're left in the cold. And while I can't blame Bungie for that... You'd really expect me to accept it, eh?

But, sticking with the achievements...
Not only did the game get some EXTREMELY easy-to-get achievements...
... It got a shitload of EXTREMELY easy-to-get achievements. The first game to get a extra 750 achievement points. And while 250 of the points are supposed to link to the Legendary map pack, the additional 500 are "not yet in use".

In other words, we're supposed to wait 'til we can shell out another ten bucks for a bunch of mediocre maps and get 500 easy points while bashing away in the so-called balanced online of Halo 3. Well, the balancing isn't that bad as weapon-rushes are usually a big confrontation and no-one'll get the desired weapon anyway. The thing that I hate about the weapons most is that they have the accuracy of a seizuring squirrel with braindamage.

A dude unloaded the entire magazine of a Assault Rifle at me, and only managed to take away my shields at mid-range. Knowing that assault rifles are best used at mid-range... I'd say Bungie has a very demeaning look on the future of armed combat. Fisher-Price toy guns that spray lethal peas.

Yeah... I'm way too harsh against this game. True. But, hey... It's how I feel about the game. And afterall, we all have a way of feeling about stuff. Seems like I stand in the tiny group of people that find the game a mediocre pit of issue upon issue, that bought the game out of peer-pressure(How can you trust your own mind after it got the then-highest scores?).

Oh, and it's my 500th blog on Gamespot.
Sad thing is that place is as dead as Chernobyl.

Company of Heroes...


I guess I've learned just about any anti-German slang imaginable since '41... From "kraut", which basically means "cabbage", to "If Jerry as much as farts on these mines, I want his ass blown sky-high".

I gotta say though, the Americans we're some real bad-ass dudes thinking up the most clever insults to hate the Germans for everything and anything they did.
Cabbage as an insult, and the first name of Sienfeld to I.D. the enemy.

More "impressions" tomorrow. I have a feeling that this game wants me to kill some more vegetables.


Crysis Warhead "Impressions".

I can talk on for hours and hours about the both of 'em... Like people have to describe The Force Unleashed in twelve-thousand letters, while they all could've summed it up with only a few: "It doesn't make any sense!". Hell, I can sum-up my joy with Crysis Warhead thus far in a few words...

But I won't.

"Hai thar. And dont dare to bring up my accuracy. I'm shooting a frozen butterfly 700FT above you."
See, Crysis Warhead earned itself a good, stereotypical examination. For...

Fuck it.

I am impressed by this game. Not because it's linear as all hell, and killed the original's concept of OPEN mission design. But that is forgivable...

Just like any other guntoting American; I like bangs. Booms, bangs, kabooms and <insert comic punchline here>.

And quite frankly, Crysis Warhead ain't nothing but one chaotic disaster after another.

I don't know how far I'm actually into the game, but I passed a certain moment where JSOC said "Nomad arrived on...", which I knew was the last chapter of Crysis.

But it seems like my game hasn't ended yet, and I still have atleast two more missions to go.

So far, I brought hell to a Beach-side Spa. Went on a road-rage in some APC, following someone called 'O'Neill" while causing nothing less but explosion after explosion.

Blew the hell out of a harbor site. Chased some guy around in a hovercraft over A FROZEN MOTHERFUCKING SEA.

Before I reveal more locations which you'd rather discover on your own... The game's linearity is hardly a issue. It's like Call of Duty 4, there's so much shit going on - You don't even wanna stalk a group of twenty-five Koreans that are shooting your ass off. You don't want to explore. Heck, you won't even think about "Where would this ridge take me", if you're in a frozen-wasteland.

Anyway... The game does alot more with the AI. And I mean, ALOT. Several entire missions, you'll be assisted by up to five suit-wearing badasses. Which all cloak and use strength,
"Scenic Tours around the Lin'Shan Islands include; Gasstations exploding, Americans blowing the hell out of bridges and certain death."
armor and such things at the right time. Not to mention, they actually hit something now. As in, they take kills.

Which, honestly - Isn't a bad thing. The difficulty's been screwed up a bit, where first you find yourself fighting only one beast at the time, for a long period. And then all o' the sudden, you're in a face-off with up to fifty damn space-infantry-things. And about those things, they are finally a decent enemy.

One will put a shield over others, and take cover behind objects while the shielded attack. They work in groups, and if the shield bearer falls, they scatter.

All in all, the enemy AI, with the Aliens taking the big lead, has been improved.

Also, there's a few "emotional scenes" where you get to see the real Psycho, and a few scenes that will literally blow your mind away. The game features alot more in-engine cutscenes. And to be frank, are worked out twice as well as Crysis'.

Lemme spoil one for you. Psycho's in some airfield command tower. Mission-half way point. Cutscene breaks in, and out of the blue the sky turns black and them mechanical aliens begin scavenging for dead Koreans and other "Earth materials". But there's this one, gigantic thing... Well, fuck it. You're best off finding it out for yourself.

The game's thirty bucks. And comes with Crysis Wars, perhaps the best MP "Blow shit up first, think second" kinda-game since CoD4 on the PC.

Usually, I'd say "It cant be for everyone"... Well, the game's optimized for lesser-quality systems as well as for high end systems. It has a kick-ass online feature(comes on a seperate disc). And to top it, it's a very decent FPS. Just buy it if you even like shooters, and that's it.