A Story; Dead Rising and Yours Truely.

Me and Dead Rising 2: Case 0 are havin' a bit of a rough start... So, lets not fuck about:

First Playthrough

Righty, new character. Forced caring for the dude's daughter. Nothing wrong with a little incentive to... do absolutely nothing. Anyway, so yes... Chuck Greene. I personally couldn't give a ratsass for his daughter but that's just the chaos-causing-rampage within me wishing for the timer to fuck off so I can do what I want.

First Playthrough

I climb the rooftop from within, thinking I could find a way out after having missed the huge door leading into the garage - I find a sniper rifle on the roof. Yay! Marching right past the humming brat that's gonna cause me alot of pain and agony in the not-so-distant future, combining my first two weapons into one. No, not the bat. Too obvious. My inner terrorist thought "What if I combine a propane tank with nails!? :3" - And whaddya know, a I.E.D. was born!
Right, found my way out, chucked the I.E.D. inbetween all the zombies around the gasstation and shot it with the sniper rifle. Had a chuckle at the hilarious over-the-top physics applied to forces, like explosions and shotgun blasts - It was raining zombies for a good five seconds.
Around this time is where the old problems from Dead Rising began to show - One, the insanely annoying knuckle cracking grabbing of those fucking zombies that forces you to waggle your thumbstick as if you're trying to please a woman. Two, four inventory slots. There's half a billion things I wanna ram into a zombie's skull and I'm only allowed to carry four? Not to mention food, manuals/magazines take up slots as well... I recall in DR1 it was managable as you were getting more and more slots every two or three levels - But there's only five in this one, and it takes an assload of time to even get to level 2.
Three, the biggest by a mile... Is time limit. I knew there was something that had to make this a five dollar purchase. It's the fact that you're on the same old strict-as-balls time limit. You've got about three time limits going on at the same time;
- Your little hellspawn has been bitten and needs her drugs every 12 hours.
- You have to get the hell outta dodge by 9PM
- Survivors only get so much time before the clock decides to kill 'em and send you off to the next pair of stranded douchebags. 
So here I am, realising there's a clock ticking away and I begin rushing to collect parts and survivors. Finally got about eight saved and managed to collect four outta five bike parts, then I notice the zombrex thing popping up. "AH FUCK ME!" I scream, I gave my zombrex away so I could save this bonehead woman from the camp. I haul ass to the pawn shop, buy some zombrex and haul ass back. Just in the nick of time.
I give the little girl her zombrex and oh lord the game decides to screw me hard.
Now, consider it a spoiler if you will but for the most part, a warning. After you give the girl the meds, a boss fight kicks off. Y'know those good ol' cheap-as-tits bossfights from DR1? Well those were doable with the metric shittons of food, weapons and AI-blocking ways lying around. This one, you're put in the backyard with four(or five) inventory slots, no food and with whatever weapon you had on you. 
I had two baseball bats, some nails and a bottle of beer.
He has a shotgun, a pitchfork and uses both at the same frickin' time if you get close! How ya' think that went?

Second Playthrough

The game doesn't have any form of autosaving(aside from prompts after e.g. case completions) so I was set back eight survivors, a level and about 300 zombie kills so I figured "fuck this!" in the most polite manner and let go of the game for a day.
Take two.
I start over, this time I horde zombie kills and unlock doors before attempting to save survivors so I could get a bit of a lead on the game. Like y'know, giving me more time to mess around. And fuck yeah I went prepared this time; As I gave the girl her zombrex and kicked off the boss fight I was loaded with two shotguns, a claymore and a pistol. I forgot I gave my assault rifle to one of the survivors but I was loaded and ready to take the hillbilly down.
As I go into the fight, I notice something... The shotgun isn't really all that usefull against this guy while sitting safely behind a car, so I do the clever thing of running into the open and firing some buckshot his way. Mind you, bosses don't get stumbled or slowed down when you plow away at them, which at the time was the last thing I thought of.
Two empty shotguns and one empty pistol later, the guy is nearly dead. Then I notice all I got left is the massive claymore, so with two blocks of health left I run like a bat out of hell and whack away at him. To which cheap game mechanics danced on in and stomped me in the happysack - His close range melee attack is where he spikes you with the trident, lifts you up and shoots you three times upclose with the shotgun, lovely.
 Son... I am disap-I can't even say it anymore...
 Son... I am disap-I can't even say it anymore...
So, half-a-block health left. I cower off in an attempt to find a food item, and I stumble across a vodka bottle! I run away to safety, and drink the thing. Adrenaline kicks in, I know I can kill this guy atlast!
Oh wait, thats right - He can move too! There he was, patiently waiting for the animation to finish before picking me up again by the gut and blasting about forty deers worth of buckshot into my insides.
And seeing as I was clever enough not to save at all between the parts of saving the survivors and fetching the bike parts cause I was in a hurry, no wait, in a bumrush trying to arrange proper revenge, I once again have to play half the game over.
Redneck, I will getcha...
...To be continued.