And now for something completely different.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought Battlefield 2 and all them booster packs and the like. Thinking I got myself the ultimate FPS with squad based place, and pretty certain of myself I registered the game which is a pain in the ass considering the game is about four years old and EA changes their website layout once every three weeks, so I had to dig through about fifty old links before I found one that actually allowed me to link my character to my account.

Anyway, usually when I think I found a golden brick of win, it's just a simple brick with cheap imported Taiwanese spray paint that doesn't even properly layer...

I was totally wrong.

Battlefield 2 is strangely enough the most entertaining FPS I've played in a year. Not since Call of Duty 4 have I ever been hooked to the gameplay that simply involves "Killing that guy...". Even though, now it's a mix of "Killing that tank" and "Hope no-one's killin' my medic before he revives me". In a way, what really got me nailed is the fact that every single class is shit in general. Not a single gun is accurate enough to get a kill without spending a whole magazine, and oh Lord dare to spray. In a way, that leaves you with equally shitty chances of survival.

How do you change your surivalism from "Whoever pulls off three lucky shots first" to success? Bring your squad mates and turn the table with a whopping 9% chance of killing a single enemy. This game almost punishes you for going out alone. But then again, it's got "WORK AS A GODDAMN TEAM!" written all over it.

Right, I guess it's my fanboy instinct talking here...

All in all; Balancing virtually doesnt exist, no gun is actually useful over a distance of fifty yards, if there's a person in a tank it'll require ten people to drop whatever the fuck they were doing and attempt to blow up the tank, the game requires teamwork... we all know that's the last thing you can expect from a generic FPS player, being a medic is highly underrated, THEM GODDAMN JETS, players always go teamkilling the lucky prick who's got the Hind/Apache first and Special Forces should've been put IN Battlefield 2 and not as a stand-alone.

That may be a laundry list of complaints - Nonetheless, I still love it.

... If only Battlefield didn't whore itself out to the console. I now realize how much more Bad Company could've been.

(On a side note: After having messed around with the files to put 120 bots in my game, considering the game's four years old and the only servers still running usually have barely anyone in - I play single-player maps, which are restricted to 16 players. Can you imagine 120 bots, on a 16 player map? Fuckin' chaos. Amazing.)