Life in the Battlefield...

And before I start writing down the lyrics of Love is a Battlefield with a Fresh Prince nod at it... Battlefield Bad Company 2. The complicated man's Call of Duty. The Forza man's shooter. Known for it's destruction, some may say. But if you've played the game... You know it ain't 'bout the destruction. It's the HOLYHELLFRONTFLIPPINGVODNIK-factor.

... To mention one of such moments.
Anyway, it's been a solid year since it's been released and the war still rages. Y'know what, screw the imma-get-you-dragged-in style. I've been playing this game to death for about a week or two now after a good six month break. Good ol' Gregg picked up the game too, eventually snagged Vietnam as well. Then two more joined the fray. And before ya' knew it... Four person team rage.
All in all, to sum up some of the batshit crazy stuff that's happened in the past weeks...
- Teamkilled a person by ramming a Jeep into him while I was in a tank, staring at the pretty lampposts.
- 4 man ATV high speed pursuit/rage with some enemies in a Cobra 4WD stalking us.
- Rammed 3 guys through two concrete walls with a tank, causing their ragdolls to be stuck in the fuckin' thing.
- Crashed an ATV into a rock, causing it to explode and the wreck to propel off into the distance...
- ... Plowing someone down, cause of death; <DEATH>.
- Some crazy pilot jumped in my UH60 while I was on the turret, taking off sideways, flipping it over and somehow crushing a guy while the fucking thing was upside down.
- Piled up 15+ AT mines with 3 buddies next to a MCOM station and flung a grenade in when some poor S.O.B. went to arm it.
- ... Lulz ensued.
- Been in a match with a recon who'd use a 870MCS everytime and shout "TRICK OR TREAT, MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" everytime he shot some poor schmuck out of the doorway.
... Wish you were here, dudes.