Our little review for NIER.

Copy n' pasting a chatlog... I'm Echo X-Ray Niner, the guy with the nickname that is meaningless. And True Blue's, well, True Blue.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Sounds more like NIER to be honest :P
True Blue: Yeah. That dude from Lost Odyssey and the Rugrats?
True Blue: LET'S DO IT!
Echo X-Ray Niner: I have a severe hatred for NIER nowadays.
True Blue: The only good voice actor is that book dude.
Echo X-Ray Niner: I read this OXM magazine in Denmark on the way home, it LOOKED like it had potential.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Then I heard the barely dressed 16-year-old.
Echo X-Ray Niner: And whatever bit of hope I had, which was dust to begin with...
Echo X-Ray Niner: .... Poof.
True Blue: I like the fact that she was a, uh, dick-women. I found that quite original, to be honest.
Echo X-Ray Niner: There's just so much wrong with the character.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Annoying.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Underaged.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Under... uh... dressed.
True Blue: She should be 30 years old.
Echo X-Ray Niner: And for fucks sake she can yap like a drunk fuckin' sailor.
True Blue: I don't know why they have to use youngins.
True Blue: Just... why?
Echo X-Ray Niner: Asshole, shit, fuck, goddammit, and hell in ONE line.
Echo X-Ray Niner: I suppose it's alright in a way.
Echo X-Ray Niner: But there's this mix those Japanese dipshits keep using for some moronic reason.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Underaged looks + Young-ass voice actor + Barely any clothes = Mindfuck.
True Blue: #1. Young age.
True Blue: #2. No clothes.
True Blue: #3. Bad-ass.
True Blue: #4. Cussing.
True Blue: #5 ????
True Blue: #6. PROFIT!
Echo X-Ray Niner: About as badass as a 12 year old yelling at you over Halo, to be frank.
True Blue: Yes, it's bad-ass. But the ass is bland and flat.
True Blue: Like a high school girl.
Echo X-Ray Niner: As wooden as a fuckin' tree.
True Blue: As flat as fucking Mississippi.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Dry as the Arizona desert.
True Blue: Cracked as a glaciar.
Echo X-Ray Niner: About as laughable as watching a heart patient on a roller coaster.
Echo X-Ray Niner: We aughta copy n' paste this for a flavor review tbh
True Blue: As prideful as Stalin.
Echo X-Ray Niner: About as likable as a Nazi.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Seriously, we gotta make a review outta this.
True Blue: More hateful than a bunny.
Echo X-Ray Niner: About as funny as a " heh, dead crowd..." joke at a funeral.
True Blue: As much recoil as an AK without a barrel.
Echo X-Ray Niner: And in the end...
Echo X-Ray Niner: Her worth as a supporting cast member is about as joyful as a 17" rusty heroin needle rammed right up your A-R-S-E.
True Blue: But honestly, who the fuck cares when yo have a fucking book that talks in a dead, british accent?
Echo X-Ray Niner: I care.
True Blue: "dewnt let yo gard downn.*
Echo X-Ray Niner: Cause we cant use the book to royally bitchslap her repeatedly.
True Blue: True.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Wait, copy n' pasting this over to Giantbomb
True Blue: I wouldn't mind her purpose if she wasn't young and had no clothing.
True Blue: You do it. I all ready posted a chat box on my blog today.
Echo X-Ray Niner: For every cuss word she drops I want to shoot a small child with a shotgun.
Echo X-Ray Niner: To prove a point... or two.
Echo X-Ray Niner: One, the bitch is 99 problems.
Echo X-Ray Niner: Two, the 100th would be a crying small child... No longer a problem. 
Tada... 6/10.