Random Board Quote of the Day.

Modern Warfare 2 - "So, do console players think they have skill?"

Waggling a mouse or pushing a joystick takes about as much skill as for me to clog the workplace's ****ter after a Taco Bell visit.  

The fact that your point-click-kill-a-SAS thing is oh so damn hard to master, for basic left and right movements while clicking gives half the world cramps so bad their asses twinge; You must feel amazing you have skill, eh? Skill isn't a thing you should give a flying whoopdeedoo for when playing a video game, unless you're of course making money with it or are from Korea and have the capability to get laid due of it. 

If it's to gloat that you can slamdunk your mouse around so well while clicking that souls perish, then please just ram your fist down a Pringles can and decay in mindless self-indulgence trying to figure out the skill of getting your frickin' fist out.
Dear regards,
Your reality wake up call.