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Madden 25 Review 0

Madden 25 celebrates twenty-five years of football by adding a couple of minor tweaks to the core game that you either love or hate. Or are indifferent to.Look and sound wise, Madden 25 is as hit or miss as picking a Manning in the postseason. At its best, the commentary is reminiscent of an actual broadcast, but at its worse, is disjointed and stoic. But the good moments usually outweigh the bad. The players on the sideline look uneven, and in a lot of cases, indistinguishable, especially when ...

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Ducktales: Remastered Review 0

I was born in 1994. Some of my earliest, fondest memories involve me playing (mostly watching my big brother play) Super Nintendo or occasionally, pull out an NES and play that. We had lots and lots of games, – probably more than we should havewhen you consider that my family was kinda poor – and I have lots of nostalgia toward them. One game I have no memory of ever having any real exposure to is the original Ducktales (woo-oo). I have a vague recollection of the cartoon and somehow...

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