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Hey look, a blog!

How quaint. 

  • Ta-da - reviews: Ion Assault, Military Madness: Nectaris, Zombie Apocalypse, Dead Space: Extraction, Lucidity
  • Bought some games at GameCrazy's going out of business sale - Gears of War, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero II. Supposedly stuff goes 50% off today, so I might make another trip out there. Doubt there will be much of anything left, but I like shopping regardless (which is considerably more odd now that I have become an even cheaper penny-pincher than I ever thought possible).
  • Sister asked me to make a Christmas list so she could start shopping for me, and I came up with about... five ideas. Normally I'd ramble off pages and pages of things I want, but I've become far more particular nowadays. All but one of the items that I did name were old 360 games that I need to catch up on - stuff like GTA IV and Bioshock. Figured I'd mention this to ask you all what you think I should ask for... what 360 games, past or present, are so good that I simply can't (or rather, shouldn't) live without them for any longer?