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ok will be making up a bunch here to celebrate finally hitting 500 contrib value, also just realised i have tons of humble bundle keys as well

Yay!! I won Crayon Physics Deluxe! Thanks SO much - will play right now!

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I had never thought about the idea of traveling to other worlds / planets before, but I do admit that would be pretty cool now that I think about it. Really though, I'm simple. I would just like a larger variety of individual blocks to build and design with, without having to play FTB, for example.

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While jewelry might be a good idea for most women, from my experience it really depends on how "high-maintenance" she is. If you see her wearing jewelry all of the time, then yes, probably a good idea. If all she ever wears is earrings though, that might be a bad choice - and an expensive one at that. Same thing with flowers - if she has told you in the past she loves them, then go for it, but I've come across more than a handful of girls in my circle of friends (myself included) that would much rather have a tangible, lasting item, than flowers that will die in a few days.  Yes, they're pretty, but they're a waste of money ultimately. 
General rule of thumb, unless she's a chef or has a freakish love of cleaning, don't buy her anything for housework or to use in the kitchen. Don't buy her anything she has to pour more money into (something that needs refills, or extra accessories) unless she specifically asks for them. And if she complains about her weight, don't buy chocolates. Don't tell her WHY you didn't buy them - just avoid it. That way, you also avoid the whole "Aww, these chocolates are yummy, but they go straight to my hips" conversation.

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Aside from the fairly obvious answers (cheese, milk, bottled water, and the like), a unique one for me is a can (or more) of jellied cranberry sauce. It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving - just whenever I get a craving for it - so I like to keep it around.

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Can't wait!

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The fact that you actually completed Rhythm Heaven earns you a lot of respect in my book. I found the game entirely overrated and far too complicated.
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The only new music I've really listened to this year have been the new albums by Daughtry (yeah, I like mainstream pop/rock - what of it?) and ICP (both of which I do adore, btw)... The rest of my attention has been on old Radiohead, more ICP, and whatever I hear on the radio...