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I haven't vanished; just haven't used my computer since February, because my back is fucked and sitting at my desk makes it worse....

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Solid, Fun, Beautiful Game That is Marred by Too Frequent Combat and Imperfect Combat Mechanics. 0

Remember Me is an ambitious game. First, it is gorgeous. It is a rich, lush, futuristic world bordering on Blade Runner-esque that changes-up enough as you play that you never tire of the aesthetic. The soundtrack compliments the style and the way it is mixed into the actual game play is quite clever. The story is not mind blowingly original, but it is not shabby by any means. You want to know what comes next, right until the somewhat surprising end.Though the dialogue is written poorly on a few...

2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Compellingly Tells Expected Story of Archetypal Characters. 0

I haven't been overly enthused about the TV show since their storytelling began to decline in the last episode of the first season. I'm also tired of the same style of zombie games we keep getting, am not normally a huge adventure or point-and-click player, and have never liked the concept of "episodic content".However, I'm compelled by the archetypal characters and choices in the first of five bite-sized episodes of this Telltale game. (First episode clocks in just over two hours). It's more in...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.