Breadfan's Bread Basket #9: Silent Hills of Bread

As some of you may have noticed from this thread a few days ago, I have gotten a Wii. I was actually fairly surprised when I got it myself as a birthday gift from my aunt and uncle about a week ago. I honestly had a very slim interest in buying a Wii for myself, but I had always planned on getting one eventually. Anyway, thanks in part to the Giant Bomb community, I have compiled a list of Wii titles to play. At the moment the only two games I own are Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, along with a few Virtual Console games such as Super Mario World and Donkey Kong
Silent Hill, seeming very interesting from the Quick Look, quickly caught my eye as a game that I needed to play for myself. Once I actually began to play the game I fell in love with how the game creates a very lively atmosphere that sucks you into the creepy world of Silent Hill. The motion controlled flashlight may come off as a gimmick, but serves as a great way to immerse the player into the world. The game also creates a great sense of urgency and for the lack of a better term, an OH FUCK feeling when you are being pursued by faceless monsters. So far I have only played about two or three hours of Silent Hill, but it is already a fantastic experience. 


Now I know that some people have a negative opinion of rail shooters, and honestly I can see where they are coming from, but I am a sucker for light gun games. I have always loved Time Crisis and the House of the Dead games. So being a Resident Evil fan, I bought myself Darkside Chronicles without much hesitation. Like many users mentioned in the thread above, the game does start out rather slow but slowly begins to take stride as the game progresses. I found the shaky camera interesting and something unique to these sorts of games, but it also serves as a double edged sword. Sure it creates a sense of immersion, but it can also be frustrating as hell. I can think of a few boss fights in particular that had me annoyed at the game because I was not able to shoot their weak point thanks to the Cloverfield-like camera system. Camera issues aside, Darkside Chronicles is a pretty good light gun game. The formula may not be too sophisticated, but Chronicles offers an interesting Resident Evil narrative as well as some classic series moments seen through a new lens.

So far my experience with the Wii has been very positive and I am throughly enjoying my time with it. Not to delve too deeply into fanboyism, but the Wii is a great console and the Wii hate that seems all too common on Giant Bomb is vastly unwarranted. Anyway, a friend of mine offered to let me borrow some other highly regarded Wii games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so I am eager to try those out as well.   
Oh and Pokemon Heart Gold comes out in a few weeks. I guess I'll be spending a lot of time with my DS in the coming weeks.  
Thanks for reading