Giant Bomb, Help Me Quit Smoking.

I Haven't made a proper blog in a long time, and I figured getting a little personal here would help me out. I haven't been a smoker for too long, but I'm doing my best to stop this horrible habit. I'm starting to catch myself out of breath walking to up stairs and developing a "smoker's cough", along with my bank account being eight bucks emptier whenever I buy a pack of cigarettes. This has to end.

Quitting smoking is difficult. I've tried before, went smoke free for about three weeks and caved. I'm aware of the numerous quit smoking tips online, but I sort of wanted to open up a discussion with any other Giant Bomb users who have quit smoking, or are also in the process of quitting. Maybe get some tips about how to cope with trying to quit. I've tried going cold turkey, which really really sucks, but it seems the most effective method of quitting. A few of my friends also smoke, and I'm trying to get them to quit with me. Sort of a support group, so nobody tempts the others.

Anyway, that's all. Any advice for quitting would be greatly appreciated.