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Video Game Characters That Just Need a Hug

Being a bad ass video game character can have its drawbacks, and sometimes these characters could use a hug.

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  • The dude had his family murdered by drug fueled psychopaths, got caught up in a government conspiracy, was framed for murder, and has freaky ass dreams. Max could use a hug.

  • You know, sometimes being the lord of Hell is a bit lonely.

  • It's okay dude, you only got one arm. Let it out.

  • Awwwwww

  • Sam may have it just as bad as Mister Payne, but at least Max has his painkillers. When Sam gets upset dudes get their necks snapped.

    Sam it's time to stop snapping and start hugging.

  • This dude's been to Hell and back. Someone give him a hug, maybe two.

  • Get over here!

  • The real life Kirby

  • Poor Albert. You've had most of your maniacal plans for world domination foiled. Hug it out bitch.

  • Sorry, had to do it.