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Don't Let Thief Steal Your Money 0

If you're looking for a game that has a few moderate thrills, lots of poorly designed levels, and really bad AI, then Thief is the game for you. Even though the game's name is Thief, don't worry, the story doesn't really revolve around thievery at all. Thief disappointed me greatly in most places, but there were a few times that Thief was pretty good.Let's start off with the gameplay. The stealth in Thief is the best aspect of the game, it works well in most places, in others it might not. One ...

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Grand Theft Auto IV Review 0

I really liked playing GTA IV, it had much more depth and story than the already excellent GTA III. Niko Belic is an extremely realistic character who comes to Liberty City to get away from the crime and debt he was in. He soon finds out that life in Liberty City is not as good as his cousin Roman said it was and he soon gets into trouble with the law and the mafia. My favorite thing about the game is the moral decisions you must make like choosing whether to spare or kill someone during a m...

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Sleeping Dogs Review 0

Early on in this game you realize it is not just a copycat of Grand Theft Auto. It has an intriguing story line, excellent gameplay, and an amazing open world environment. I really couldn't stop playing it after I started. Although the story was awesome, I spent a lot of time running around stealing cars, getting in high speed chases with cops, and busting drug deals. The environment was the most amazing part about the game, all the combat skills you learn during the game are used any ...

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Borderlands 2 > Borderlands 0

Borderlands 2 is a significant improvement on the first game. It takes everything from the first game that wasn't just right and made it just right. It improved on the gameplay, AI, and story. It now has a great story which the original didn't really have. The gameplay did stay pretty much the same but just had some better features. I also fought the skills are better this time and so are the characters.The story this time is much better because the fantastic writing. The story starts with you c...

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Mass Effect 3 0

Mass Effect 3 is an excellent game by Bioware. It stirred a lot of controversy about it's ending, whether you loved it or hated it, it is still an excellent game. Here is my detailed analysis of this game.The StoryThis is the best story of the trilogy, depending on the way you played certain characters will live or die. Your choices throughout the series affect the experience you have playing the story. It successfully wraps up the story of Commander Shepard and does so in an epic way. The game ...

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