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Been a hot minute around here

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Catching Up On Yakuza

My break from school before beginning a hellish 3 quarters is approaching rapidly.  I have approximately three weeks of downtime and as always, I'm expecting to be extremely bored.  While I stress out about school, work, and everything else;  I get bored just as easily.  To keep myself busy during these three weeks, or to feel somewhat productive during my free time, I have embarked on a journey to catch up on the first three Yakuza games.  The goal is to be completely caught up and well versed with the story, gameplay, and characters, by the time Yakuza 4 comes out.  I've played 1 and 3 briefly, but never enough to digest much of the story and the world.  It's always been fascinating and I've really enjoyed what I've seen. 
In an attempt to continue writing about anything, so I don't feel the burden of doing so, I'll be blogging about the experience of playing all 3 Yakuza games over the coming weeks.  I can't promise quality, but I can promise quantity and that's enough for me.  Even something as simple as writing about video games, can keep my writing at a level good enough for undergraduate studies. Bonus benefit, completing another Quest on Giantbomb.