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Been a hot minute around here

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Free time and Quests

In the real life quest to complete my degree, while working full time, and raising a family, I'm planning to complete 4 courses for the next 3 quarters.  It's pretty insane but if I budget my free time accordingly, it's possible.  Which brings me to Giant Bomb's Quest system.  A devilish waste of time that brings out the most neurotic personality in all of us.  Over the last day, I found myself with a few hours of free time in a down moment.  2 hours later, I had completed a ton of half completed Quests, without much regard to other things I could have, and should have been doing.  With this revalation comes understanding, that Quests serve the same purpose as completing assignments.  Instant satisfaction for the allotment of time and energy.  It's a similar feeling to solving a technical problem, which could explain why I got into the IT field in the first place.  Anyway, the real point of this was that I'm 22 blog entries away from another achievement.  Here's to 21 more, cheers.