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Yakuza Endurance Run - Part 2

Yakuza 1 - Hours 2-5
After my inaugural post, I was undecided exactly what I wanted the tone of each of these posts to be.  Should I try and discuss the story so that people who played it could relate, or maybe a newcomer would be interested enough to start playing?  Or should I write more about my thoughts, reactions, and the experience that I had? Thankfully, Yakuza is so bat shit insane that the choice became clear.  If hours 2-4 are any indication, there is no way in hell that I could attempt to keep up with the story.  In the span of what seemed like 20 minutes:

The voice acting is so atrocious, yet so wonderful at the same time.  It's rapidly becoming my favorite part of the game.  Given when this game was released, coupled with the insane amount of detail and content, it's amazing it has voice acting at all.  Speaking of details.  One of my friends has lived in Japan and the U.S. for about half his life per country.  He mentioned that the accuracy at which the game world mimics locations in Japan is scary.  That's pretty cool to me, knowing that this game is a true labor of love.  It probably helps that it saw its greatest success in Japan, but either way it's one more reason this game is so appealing so far.  Maybe when I eventually travel to Japan, I'll have to track down a few of my favorite locations in the game.  I don't think I'll find many 5 foot tall traffic cones though, shame.
 Two users (armaan8014 and RoboRobb) posted in the comments of Part 1 that I should video tape this endurance, the more I think about it, that's a pretty good idea.  Look for that possibly in the next couple of weeks.   I've always wanted to try my hand at some video production, so if its financially viable I'll give it a shot.  Fair warning, you'll probably hate my voice.
"I had to keep caressing this old woman's ass for hours, isn't that fucked up?" 
I love this game.