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Been a hot minute around here

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Yakuza Endurance Run - Part 3

Yakuza 1 - Hours 5-8
So much for keeping up on my writing.  It's been almost a month since I wrote anything, that isn't going to work for much longer.  After receiving my course load for this quarter it's going to be imperative that I work on my writing.  I also realized that I can't even achieve "free time goals", I usually just end up wasting my free time doing nothing.   Anyway back on track, I've just picked up Yakuza again so it's time to write!
In my ongoing quest to save Haruka, I've occasionally forgotten the importance of this character in the story.  The only thing this game does poorly, which is more a fault of my own inability to focus on anything, is they don't recap what has happened at all.  Having the ability to watch cut-scenes is a thoughtful inclusion in the game.  Highlight of my journey back into this world is seeing the latest fodder for my fists of fury,

, video game comedy at it's finest.  The story has really picked up
  What could it be?  Hopefully some sweet Domo figure, but that level of marketing cross over would be too awesome.  Now that I've gotten back into Tokyo,
.  I'm ending the story stuff for this entry, because it's time to slow roll the game a little bit.  Fight some random thugs, play some arcade games, and help some local business owners with scam artists.  All in a days work.
Due to the pretty vulgar language, even though it's totally over the top and crazy, I make my daughter step out of the room when cut scenes are happening.  She pops back in when they are fighting, which can be a commentary on our society if you want and she's extremely helpful.  She did refer to the bird that I won in the arcade machine as "that smelly, old, crusty, weird looking bird", which brought a smile to my face.
My last post touched on this but it's worth mentioning again.  My favorite part of this game is the terrible voice acting.  What everyone says its true, it's some of the worst ever but its charming in a weird sort of way.  Even though I'm only 5 hours in, I can't imagine the awesome story in this game without the terrible voice acting.  For all the things that Sega has screwed up on this and other franchises, I hope people are willing to forgive them for continuing to bring these out West.