The Ones That Made It Through 2017

Hearts have been stolen, rites performed and chicken dinners consumed, but only the smoothest of operators can climb to the tippy top of Cocaine Mountain in a year packed with great games.

But first,

The Ones Left Behind

Nier: Automata, to me this is just such well trodden material and does little to differentiate from the rest. I never felt for the robutts, never had a crisis of conscience about hacking them to pieces, the narrative was a bit of a mess and the gameplay boring.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fifteen minutes of running with bad controls that culminates in 30 seconds of clunky gunplay is not my idea of a good multiplayer experience.

But hey, have you heard of Rainbow Six: Siege, you might recall it from The Bestest Most Accurate GOTY of 2016? It's still getting new content, is very very good and will give you those adrenaline rushes in spades.

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Really glad to see a lot of community is with me, putting Persona 5 high up on lists. I loved it a lot as well, the improvements to the dungeons, gameplay and confidant system made it so hard to put down. Much harder than previous Persona games, all of which I tended to put down and switch to a Let's Play.