Prospekt III

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  • Allison Road had a promising start as a hyper-real horror game in the same vein as P.T., the infamous first-person teaser for the now-cancelled Silent Hills.

  • Chasm promises to combine the challenging, retro-style hack ‘n slashing of procedurally generated dungeons with the carefully-crafted assembly of Metroidvanias. All that, plus some gorgeous pixel art to boot, makes Chasm one to watch.

  • A lot of the excitement surrounding Death’s Gambit has come from its 2D side-scrolling take on Dark Souls, and for good reason. Its imaginative creature designs and sword-and-board approach to combat look great. But it’s the hookshot-driven platforming and ability to scale huge, moving bosses a la Shadow of the Colossus (but inspired by Attack on Titan) that’s really grabbed my attention.

  • Eitr has been called an isometric Dark Souls for its extremely tough approach to stamina-powered, sword-and-board combat in a dreary, Norse mythology-inspired setting. Terrifying bosses and an incredibly dreary, pixel art atmosphere make this one to watch for fans of challenging action RPGs and low-res dungeon crawlers alike.

  • Fallow/ - Fallow is an eerie Southern Gothic adventure game about a sleepwalking farmhand living in a land that was once America. Its sepia-toned world, with its juxtaposition of advanced technology and rural landscapes, creates a place at once alien but also hauntingly familiar.

  • Fe is all about learning how to connect to and communicate with the world around you. Inspired by games like Spyro the Dragon and Journey, Fe will have you exploring its forest ecosystem and attempting to befriend its occupants using different sounds, while steering clear of the shadowy foes who want to take your voice away.

  • Knights and Bikes looks like one of those games that’s just dripping with delightfulness. Inspired by Earthbound and 80s coming-of-age flicks like The Goonies, it’s a cartoony, co-op action-adventure game all about imagination, childhood, and friendship — from developers who worked on Tearaway, Ratchet and Clank, and Little Big Planet.

  • Lost Ember/

    is a mesmerizing story-driven adventure game about a magical fox trying to make his way to an ancient city called Machu Kila. The power to possess and transform into other animals means there will probably be plenty of opportunities to explore its gorgeous world on land, air, and sea. According to its Kickstarter, you’ll be able to become parrots, fish, moles, eagles, capybaras, mountain goats, buffalos, and more.

  • Pyre is a party-based action RPG from Supergiant Games with a unique combat system that our own Marty Sliva described as "a bizarre mix of Transistor, Dota, and Rocket League." Fans of Supergiant's previous work, like Bastion and Transistor, should look out for it.

  • Rain World, like Radio the Universe, is also very good at creating a strikingly moody world with its pixel art. What makes Rain World so mesmerizing is the way its creatures are animated using physics, lending weight to your every move. That brings a real sense of urgency to the way you interact with your surroundings, especially in a world that makes you feel like you're constantly escaping from danger.

  • Shape of the World/

    Shape of the World is like Proteus meets Journey — an exploration-driven interactive experience with a focus on audio and visuals. In particular, the gorgeous low poly biomes that procedurally generate all around you as you navigate its colorful world.

  • Somewhere/

    Somewhere is a trippy adventure set in a surreal Colonial India, about a group of people searching for a non-existent city. The story is told through the perspectives of multiple people, each one a figment of another's animation.

  • Described as the "lovechild of Syndicate and GTA 1," Tokyo 42 is a stealth action game set in a future Tokyo. It's wonderfully minimal, zoomed-out isometric style makes every level look like a playground for your deadly whims

  • Witchmarsh is a quirky co-op RPG platformer set in a supernatural, Jazz-era Massachussetts. You take on the role of a team of uniquely skilled investigators, who venture deep into rural America to track down twelve missing people.

  • P.T.

  • InnerSpace /

    is an exploration-heavy flying game currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux by Polyknight Games. Set in a world where physics are inverted, the player flies in a once-inhabited spherical world surrounded by water, where gravity falls away from the center.

  • Ad Infinitum/

    Ad Infinitum is an atmospheric single-player horror game, which puts you into a World War I setting experienced in a first-person perspective. You find yourself in the trenches of a forlorn battlefield where vicious creatures lurk in the shadows. Solve challenging puzzles to clear pathways and avoid deadly traps and sneak through a maze of trenches to hide from the manifested horrors of war. The surrealistic gameworld is based upon historical background information that is mixed with some fictional elements which all culminates in a subtle yet intense story.

  • Scarf: Walking with Souls/

    Scarf: Walking with Souls is a 3D Adventure game, where Hyke must use his polyformic scarf to explore a magical environment, solve mysterious puzzles and overcome difficult platforms.

    Hyke’s scarf can be transform into different objects which will help you in your adventure. This objects can be combined to create new shapes expanding Hyke’s possibilities.

    Hyke will born in an unknown place, surrounded by other souls. All of them will start a path through the World with the main target to melt with it and become part of the nature.

  • Narita Boy

  • lonely mountains: downhill

  • Tunic, formerly known as Secret Legend, is an upcoming isometric action game by dicey. It's inspired by classic Legend of Zelda games

  • Unruly heroes/ Journey to the west platformer

  • /Bestluck by jay Cloud Hoo


  • Lona: Realm of Colors

  • Your Royal Gayness

  • Forest of Liars

    Art game.

  • Wytchwood

  • The Gardens Between

  • Darq